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[EVE-Online] My current gaming time has been monopolized by EVE-Online. EVE is going good. I lost my first two ships the other night (thank goodness for insurance!). I took on a mission that I wasn’t ready for and I paid the price. Literally. I had to rescue some kidnapped VIPs from a rogue group of NPCs. The mission involved multiple encounters. Each one increasing in difficulty, of course. I warped out and was able to take the first two groups of bad guys out, but the third group were waaaay too tough for me. I’d warp into their space and they were on me fast. Two blasts would totally drop my shields, another two completely destroyed my armor and two more smashed my hull to bits. Holy crap on a stick, it happened fast. So there I was, in empty space, sitting in my pod. I flew my pod back to base, bought another ship, and asked another player for some assistance. Someone flying a Gallente Vexor offered me a hand. I tried to hide from the bad guys while he took them out but still got blown up again. Even though I was trying to avoid the conflict I still got punked like a sissy. He wasted all the bad guys so I went and bought yet another ship. This time I was able to warp to the last guy who I had to attack twice to beat. He was pretty tough but I saved the VIPs and received a handsome reward.

The thing is, up to this point, I’ve been playing EVE casually. This doesn’t work. EVE-Online isn’t a casual game. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The simple fact is that EVE is a very deep game. So I’ve actually started getting into EVE seriously. I started reading the Player’s Guide (I should have done this a week ago!) and I’m getting involved with other players. Playing with other players works pretty well. EVE is really starting to suck me in.

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  1. This really makes me want to play EVE again, and that’s a bad thing given that I just don’t have enough free-time. You’re right, of course, EVE is very, very far from being a casual game.

  2. Duncan – Do it! Come back to EVE! It is inevitable. It is your destiny!

    (oops, wrong game universe)


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