Subject: Clone Activated

2006.03.31 04:52
So you died? Well you have a Clone Grade Iota at Hulm VIII - Moon 2 - Republic University School Station. Enjoy your afterlife.

Yeah, so this is the cute little EVE Mail message I’ve sent to myself after I was podded (killed while trying to flee in my escape pod). How quaint.

EVE had seemed unstable all evening, but I found a sweet spot to mine some rare asteroids and no one was bothering me, so even with the constant disconnects I was hauling in some good ore. After a couple more disconnects, I logged back in and found myself targeted by two pirates. They didn’t seem too far out of my league, so I started lighting one up when I noticed two other real players in the same area. They decided I was to be their Minmatar red-headed-step-child and they unleashed a fury on me. I frantically tried to warp out but was unable. I think they had something to do with that. After my ship was destroyed (fully insured) I tried to make tracks in my trusty pod when it received a volley of thorn rockets that sent my poor character on his way to EVE heaven.

Dead. In space. What a horrible way to go.

A lot of things went wrong here. I probably shouldn’t have been in 0.4 space by myself, even if I was fully armed. I only had a couple cannons mounted as I was busy mining, so I shouldn’t have been so careless with that. At the first sign of trouble I should have bailed but I stuck around a little longer than I should have. Above all, I shouldn’t have been playing when EVE was acting so wonky.

So I have started “the list”. “idimmu69” and “golddiger” and the Corp, “Arcana Imperii, Ltd.” have just made themselves the first entries on “The List”. Fear the list!

Since I really don’t gain much from not revealing my identity, I’ll let you in on the gory details of my death. You can see them here and here.

(Let me just add that the amount of non-CPP EVE content out there is pretty impressive)

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  1. I see you online often, lets team up and go rat hunting some time.

  2. They shall pay. I will add them to my “They must die, and why” list. The Amar do not like anyone touching our property!
    I know the Minmatar are no good rotten scum who are not even worthy of being slaves for an Amar pet dogs, but Broken Butterfly is different! He is my friend and those that hurt him hurt me. That is unacceptable.
    They shall pay!

    What a bummer. I have lost a ship but have yet to be pod killed. I will be on the watch for them.

  3. Ethic – Yeah, I’ll definitely hit you up for some hunting. I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with a mission and could use the added firepower.

    Bobster – We’ll get that rapscallion!


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