Okay, I have resisted the “Pun Siren’s” call long enough. I don’t really know what to say about The Nintendo Wii. I could join the internet meme and say funny things that rhyme with “we” but I just won’t do it. But I did talk to some Nintendo fans about the new name and Wii just don’t buy it. Surely this is a joke. That can’t possibly be what Nintendo is going to call their next (and possibly most fabulous) console. That just isn’t riight.

Speaking of memes, Simon mentioned an E3 predictions meme. My one and only prediction is that Zelda Twilight Princess will not be a Gamecube game. I predict they will announce that it is going to be a Wii launch title. Complete with collector edition sword and shield Wii controllers. And a weekly visit from the neighborhood bully to kick your butt because you bought a console called “Wii.”

That’s what he’ll say as he delivers his pummeling.


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