Back from the dead

I have returned from my long weekend of family visits and no internet. As I’m sure you’ve heard before, disconnecting for a while feels great. I didn’t completely disconnect, though. I took my Xbox to the in-laws since the brother-in-law loves NCAA Football and his wife loves Burnout 3. He also had never experienced the Halo/Halo 2 experience, so I took that along to show him there is life after football games. I also played a little Splinter Cell Chaos Theory to further my point that there are games that are fun to play that don’t involve Heisman Trophies and Maryland-I formations. He was impressed.

This gave me a chance to go back to games that I had neglected since I started my EVE binge. The long weekend (coupled with losing my partner in EVE-crime) hasn’t lessened my desire to play EVE, it will just be on the back burner for a while. I think I’ll be doing a little AFK mining while I play some of the games on “The Stack.” I think the first order of business will be finishing Splinter Cell. I forgot how enjoyable putting bad guys in the choke hold was.

On the side of things, I noticed the site was down today for most of the afternoon. I don’t know what caused the problem, but whatever it was seems to have already been straightened out, so yay for that.


  1. You may have lost me as a partner in EVE-crime but you have gained me as a buddy with an Xbox 360. I am not even going to mention why I bought it.

    I won’t bring up how I screwed up and bought Oblivion for my computer only to find out my system is not up to the minimum requirements needed to play the game. Nor will I say that I bought the 360 and the Xbox version of Oblivion to make up for my mistake. Nope, not going to mention it.

    By the way, once I give you the PC version of the game I think EVE will fall to the wayside. It is a ton of fun.

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