How not to break out of Prison (Spoiler Alert)

So last night was the season finale of Prison Break. All things considered, I enjoyed it. What did you guys think? Was that how you thought things would go down? Me either.

SPOILERS BELOW, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet, don’t read any further. But you’ll have to reevaluate your TV viewing priorities. I mean, come on!

AbruzziSo first off, I wasn’t exactly happy to see the plane take off without its cargo. I know if they safely made it on that plane then the series certainly would lose excitement in season two, but I’ve long thought this series could only be good for two or three seasons, top, so I thought them getting to Mexico would have been interesting.

I will say that watching Abruzzi (or as I like to call him, Zydrunas Ilgauskas) hacking off T-Bag’s hand with an axe was one of the most gruesomely satisfying moments this season. I don’t think anyone could have watched that scene and not wince. What makes it better is that the wincing wouldn’t be for T-Bag. It was simply for the pure brutality. There is no sympathy for Theodore Bagwell. They did such a good job developing Bagwell’s character that you couldn’t help but hate him. He was such a conniving weasel! He got what he deserved. It was equally satisfying that Abruzzi did it, as Peter Stormare has been one of my favorite actors since he was Lev Andropov, Russian Cosmonaut, in Armageddon. “I’m a very important person in Russia!”ilgauskas_zydrunas060411.jpg

I was disappointed how quickly Dr. Tancredi was discarded. I honestly thought she and Scofield had a future together, helping out the orphaned children in Mexico or something, but she was definitely much more unstable than I thought. Her demise wasn’t pretty and Scofield will shed a tear when he finds out.

Overall, I enjoyed the finale and I really liked Prison Break as a whole. A good show, interesting premise, decent character development and enough action to keep everything going. I am definitely looking forward to next season!


  1. I don’t watch Prison Break so spoilers have no effect on me. I am immune!

    I wonder why there is a picture of a basketball player in the article. Is he an actor on the show between games or something?

  2. agentgray says

    Dude was the eye doctor with the nasty cold in Minority Report and he’s also trying to sell cars for Volkswagon to street racers.

    IMO, the better show is on after Prison Break. 😀

  3. Bobster – the basketball player bears a striking resemblance to an actor from the Prison Break series, hence the pictures. It’s a reference that only Cleveland Cavalier fans will appreciate.

    ag – V-dub keeping it down on the engineering tip! I love those commercials. Stormare is the man! And quite so, 24 is the better show. Things come to ahead next Monday. Look for a 24 wrap-up post then.

  4. I wonder…is Sara really dead or has she used drugs as a cover for leaving the infirmary doors open.

  5. Lexie – it sure seemed to me that they made it clear that she was dead. I thought I remember one of the cops feeling for (and not finding) a pulse, so I figured she was a goner.

    Your idea would make a good cover-up, though.

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