123814201_2470a1cf13_m.jpg (**24 Spoilers Below. But honestly, you missed the season finale? Shame on you!**)

Wow, what a finale!

“You?!” That’s the question (or was it resignation?) Preisdent Logan asked Jack as he took his helmet off and took control of the Marine 1 helicopter. It’s also the question Jack was probably asking as the final minutes of his day came to a close and Cheng Zhi came into focus. So where does this go next year? Will Jack be a double agent? Will he simply work for the Chinese government? Or will we simply follow Jack as he tries to escape? I had no idea what the direction the next “day” would take, but it’s already looking intriguing.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 24 finale. I was surprised to see that Jack shot Henderson, but let’s be honest, he had it coming. I was also surprised to see that Rooney (I don’t remember his first name, he was the guy on the submarine) didn’t bite it, considering the fate of others that have crossed Jack’s path. Good for him. I also liked the contrast of President Palmer’s body being ceremoniously loaded into Air Force One, en route to Arlington Cemetary, while President Logan was unceremoniously loaded into a limo, mostly likely on his way to jail. Palmer was a man of honor and integrity, Logan a whiny little weasel.

So yeah, no complaints here. The show ended with a cliff-hanger which means you know I’ll be tuning in next January!


  1. agentgray says

    Definitely awesome.

    I like how Jack sounded like a judge handing down a verdict before killing Henderson. Perfect.

    Chinese? I’ll admit, my wife called it from hour 1. I like it. It’s also a good way to up the ante. However, why would the Chinese get him in the midst of all this hoopla? Why not wait a couple of days? Also, how did they get him on the boat so fast? Heh. Name of the boat? Shanghai.

    The imagery as one President is laid to rest as another is arrested worked well.

    I’m leaning more towards to double agent angle. However, Jack’s done that before (well…). Escape sounds more likely.

    My wife cried when Chloe did. It says something for her to get wrapped up in a TV show. Props to the writers of the show, the actors, and the usually stupid Fox execs for letting it run.

    Here’s to three more days.

  2. Is it really that interesting? I’ve watched a couple episode but didn’t quite like it.

  3. ag – I hadn’t completely forgotten about the Chinese, but the thought never crossed my mind when he was attacked. I thought it was the cabal of men that were using President Logan were behind it. I can’t wait for more!

    Jarod – It’s not just interesting. It’s action packed, it’s dynamic, it’s simply awesome.

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