Carnival of Gamers #15

Kim has posted the Carnival of Gamers 15: Hard Times Besiege the Midway. Go check it out!

Unfortunately I didn’t feel like I had anything “Carnival” worthy, so I sat this one out. Fortunately, there were plenty of submissions elsewhere, so I think this will shape up to be another great carnival. Thanks goes to Kim for hosting the Carnival.

(I’ll update the Carnival HQ page this evening The Carnival HQ is now up-to-date, with all the upcoming hosts for the rest of the year. We even have people lining up for next year!)


  1. “I sat this one out.”

    That’s all right. Curmudgeon got more than enough links to make up for the loss. *kniw*

  2. 😕 Didn’t realise that multiple entries from a single author were permitted, though having said that, nowhere does it say that it’s not allowed.

  3. this is neat. i can’t even remember how i came across the carnival but it’s such a nice idea. that’s how new i am to the blogger scene. lol i even thought i was in time for the june entries! time flys i tell you.

    well, great work with the carnival. it seems like a lot of fun and i can’t wait to read all the submissions.

  4. Brin – I’ve left it up to the host to single out one post when someone has submitted more than one link from their blog. Most of the time they’ve done that. I didn’t explicitly mention that to Kim, so he went with a handful from CG. That being said, CG has more than one blogger blogging there and I think the submissions came from a couple of them.

    Maharet – Welcome! Glad you’re liking it. Hope to see you around!

  5. a) Sad ’cause my post got missed out (I know Kim got it, because he sent me an email confirming it would appear!). Still very pro-Carnival; better luck for me next time?

    b) Your Carnival page is still claiming that “the next stop is right here at on April 6”, which would probably at this stage involve a Wayback Machine, or at least a creative interpretation of the nature of time.

  6. Sweet, you got linked by Joystiq!

  7. The reason I have never submitted to the carnival is that most of my blog posts are not what I consider articles, they are more like “what’s going on in gaming in my life” type posts, so they don’t really fit the format of the carnival.

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