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I haven’t done this for a while, so I thought it’d be fun to do a “what I’m playing” post. After I stopped playing EVE I had a lull in gaming overall but recently I’ve been getting back into it. I’ve been busy with other endeavors but when I do have a chance, here’s what i’ve been playing:

Mercenaries – I stopped playing Mercenaries a few months ago but got the bug to play it again and I’ve been having a blast. I find myself not even doing the missions — I just drive around exploring (and running over the occasional mafioso). Last night, after picking up a bad guy, I hijacked their tank and drove it down into the Russian Mafia section of town and starting blowing buildings up. I took down a couple warehouse buildings, a construction crane a couple gas tanks. After running out of ammo I ditched the tank and jumped in a mafia truck and high-tailed it back to safety. I’m currently persona non grata in Mafia land after I capped three of their leaders. Oops. I’m anxious to make it back into that section of town to see if the damage I caused was perament.

Forza Motorsport – I try to avoid playing games when the kids are awake, so when my daughter asks to play the “racing” game, I’m more than happy to get a little gaming in. The only catch is that I have to drive a pink Lexus IS300. With cutesy-pootsy vinyls. It’s a price I’m willing to pay for my art. I’m actually liking the simulation-style racing. Originally I didn’t care for it but it has grown on me.

Pink Lexus
That’s my pink car, right daddy?

Brain Age – I finally cracked the twenties with my brain age! I’m sporting a respectable brain age of 26 years. I’m also loving Sudoku. But honestly, the best thing about Brain Age is that the buttonWife is hooked on it, which gives me free reign over the television and the Xbox. It’s a pretty good arrangement. I had no idea the DS Lite was going to actually enable more gaming.

So what are you guys playing? I’m thinking about picking up Big Brain Academy — any recommendations on that? I’m also gonna look for a rental of NCAA 2007. Having been burned by 2005 and 2006, I’m gun-shy with 2007 but Bill Abner has been giving it good marks, so that’s promising.


  1. You really can’t go wrong with Brain Academy, since it is one of the cheapest DS games out there. It is a totally different game from Brain Age, a fact that I was not aware of. I have a hard time describing exactly how it is different.

    I have found that my Brain Age score (which has gone unplayed in the past few weeks) is always better than my Brain Academy score; the later game scores with letter grades, then equates that score with a profession. I average a C, which is as smart as a curator (I believe that’s the one).

  2. Oh yeah, and both of those Xbox games rock. I don’t bother doing the Mercenaries missions either, I just explore and take down the enemy. I fell in love with Forza when I first played it, simply because they took the great simulation of Gran Turismo and added the one element it was missing: the fun.

    I’m counting the days till Forza 2 comes out.

    I should mention that I have a pink car too. An Acura, I think. I had no other motivation to do that other than showing up my opponents with a sissy car.

  3. the mercinairys looks good, i would get it, exept i’m rather involved in a “mercinairys” mode in another game (that game also happens to have a translatoin guide on this site, how i first found this site) anyway, as you might have guessed, i’m current player resident evil 4, i orderd far cry instingcts a few days ago, and hopfully it will arive today (YAY!!!) i’m not playing a whole bunch of games, but i certainly have alot to get

    REmake (resident evil remade on gamecube)
    Mercinairys Xbox
    tales of symphonia GC
    and if i like REmake, i might think about getting RE2 on GC, since everyone says it’s the best “normal” (not RE4) resi game.

    my dilema is that i only have $100, and i need to save $250 for a wii, since that is like the coolest system ever, if i dont buy any more games, and rely on christmas (which never comes through for me, i always get these plasticish pants, that to date, i have never worn, not even tried on) anway, if i sell my DS, Xbox (as soon as far cry is boring, which tends to happen quikly for me) and Gamecube (wii is backwards compatible, why keep it?) i should have enough, convincing my parents to LET me sell them is another thing…….

  4. Flaming,

    You can actually get most of those for $100.

    REmake (used): $10
    Mercenaries (used): $18
    Tales (used): $18

    Those are EBGames’ online prices. They don’t list the new prices, as it is very unlikely that you will find any of those games new. Each one of those games were worth the $50 each I paid, so under $20 each is well worth it.

    Don’t bother with RE2. It is out-of-print, and anyone who owns a copy will charge you far more than it is worth. EBGames’ used price is $40! That game is a good eight years old, and the Cube version isn’t enhanced in any way. They just did a copy-and-paste of the PS1 version onto a Cube disc.

    If I were in your position, I’d only buy Tales (that’ll use up a lot of your time) and forget the other titles for now. Sell the Cube close to the Wii’s release. Keep your Xbox and DS, as there is just too much good gaming to be had on those platforms to get rid of them.

  5. i know the prices, i’m just saying i dont to “delplete my recorces” i know re2 is very expensive ($30 on half.com), however, the n64 versoin is not ($5) if i only had an n64…..
    anyway, i dont have a source of income (exept mowing lawns every week or so, which i cannot due, due to a broken finger) so i’m trying to save as much as i can, on the xbox, i can’t really find any good games, i mean, i’ve played the crap out of all the good ones (both halos, both max paynes, both brothers in arms, ect) so the only game that i want on it now, is far cry (which DIDN’T come in the mail today, so now i have to wait till monday, and am severly pissed, i orderd it a week ago!) so thats why i would sell my xbox, and on DS, i can’t really find any good games either, but it’s young, so i’ll wait (mabey DS to WII capibiliteis?)

    you have to understand my positoin, my parents pretty much hate video games, every time i buy one, my dad lectures me on wasting money and time, and they get severly annoyed at me when i ask if i can get one, plus the fact that i no longer get allowence (my dads job is being sent to korea, therefore, no allowence) so i only get money from mowing lawns (but everyone on my street is about 60 and retired, they mow there lawns about 3 times a week, IN THERE UNDERWERE! no joke, 60 year old wrikly man in a riding mower, in nothing but his underwere. sad, i know, that, and selling the games i do have (which i’m not allowed to sell on the internet, becuas my mom hates me, lol) so when i buy a game, i read gamespot, IGN gamefaqs reviews, whatch videos download a demo if there is a PC port, ect. but with all that, i’ll probly get tales, but thanks for the advice, oh yeah, and replay value, it has to have replay value

    anyway, very long off topic post tony (as i’m pretty sure is the blogger here) probly hates me now, but guess what, YOU CAN’T STOP PEOPLE FROM POSTING COMMENTS!!! HAHAHAHA……..not that i’d take advantage of that or anything……

  6. That is one hot ride.

  7. The Salesman says

    I’m currently having a good laugh with Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory right now, theres a lot of comic relief at points where your interrogating people. I’m also having a blast with MGS: the twin snakes

    *hums gameover theme*

    Dun Dun, Dun-Dun-Dun! Snake? Whats wrong? Answer me snake! Snaaake?! SNAAAAAAKE! Dun Dun DUN!

    wow, it never gets old.

    And because my bloody memory card formatted i’m once again at round 2 on Resident Evil 4, whereas i was on something like 17, well atleast i had a small backup on my other memory card….

    Otherwise i’m all hooked on my Gamecube! oh and not to forget, Mario Kart DS!

  8. 😮

    I thought, and eventually posted, about doing this entry around the same time you posted. Ok, so it’s not that weird but I’m easily amazed – believe me!

    Damage in Mercs is never permanent (it resets itself after you’ve saved, shut the game down, and come back on). While that breaks the realism it would become pretty boring if you somehow ended up destroying everything on the map.

    I pop on EVE from time to time, it just doesn’t feel like that much of a game to me at the moment. In other words, I need to devote my little free time to games I’m going to actually enjoy playing.

  9. Osu! Tatake! Ouendan

    In the U.S. it will be called Elite Beat Agents. Most fun I’ve ever had with DS (which is NOT rare), and the best use of stylus. Evar.

  10. okay……

    woohoo! i got far cry today (unfortunatly it heavily uses the left finger, and this finger splint is not making it easy to play) but it’s awsome, me and my friend (i’m at his house now) made a map already, but did not get to play it yet, we had to go to karate class (another thing that sucks with a busted finger) now he’s having a guitar lesson, then we will go running, then we might be able to play it, but we have to get up early tommorow (

  11. will – I never did the GT thing, so Forza is the first game I’ve played with the realistic/simulation angle. Loving it more and more.

    FSoD – You crack me up. I like your enthusiasm. Keep it up.

    Brin – My pink ride brings all the boys to the yard 🙂

    Salesman – I always get a kick out of the writing in Splinter Cell, too. The way the voice actor dead-pan delivers all of Sam’s lines is classic.

    Tom – I’m glad you’re right about things not being permanent in Mercs, because I got stuck in a pretty bad spot (between a rock and a APC) so I saved and reloaded. Much to my relief I was no longer in the bad spot. And I feel the same way about EVE, too. It’s not much of a game right now.

    ag – I’ve been debating importing OTO since everyone seems to absolutely LOVE that game. I haven’t decided if I’m going to wait for EBA or just pick up a copy now off eBay.

  12. The Salesman says

    I’d rather wait for EBA with (hopefully) western songs, and good ones that is, not spice girls or the kethcup girls or whatever it was called. I’ll hop off to amazon and get it asap!

  13. For some reason I’ve had trouble sitting in front of the TV lately, so I am still trying to finish the last of my seldom-played Nintendo DS games.

    I’m about 80% through Tony Hawk: American Wasteland, and then I’ll either move on to Advance Wars: Dual Strike or dust off my PSP to play some Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee. Only one more month until the new releases start pouring in …

  14. I have been wanting one of these my whole life!!!

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