Carnival of Gamers #17 – Cheapskate special

CheapyD has posted the Carnival of Gamers #17, with 18 entries. A lot of new faces for this Carnival, which is great to see. I haven’t had a chance to read them all, but I’m looking forward to it. Thanks to Cheapy for hosting the Carnival.

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  1. Hmmm. I’m having bad luck with carnivals. My submission to #15 (Pampers, etc) wasn’t included. I missed #16 due to being severely AFK. And my submission to #17 was, again, not included. Am I submitting in the wrong manner? Is the carniegrue email address no longer the weapon of choice? Or is the carnival selective now, and I have to show up in tie & jacket?

  2. heh, my submissoin didn’t make it either, not that i expected it to, i mean come on, it was john tucker Jack Tompson must die

  3. That sucks, GregT. Dude, what happened to the “come one, come all” deal?

  4. Greg and FS – sorry to hear you missed the cut. Not sure what Cheapy’s criteria was, but don’t give up on the carnival yet! Submit again next time!

    Brin – With all the submissions we get now, we had to put some editing control in the hands of the host. I’m not saying Greg or FS’s submissions weren’t up to par, but I’ve seen some of the stuff that comes through and it really doesn’t add much to the discussion.

  5. no, trust me, mine WASEN’T up to par, compared to the other things there, it looked like a 13 year old wrote it (wait, nvm, a 13 year old id write it)

  6. i cannot belive i spelt *wasn’t* wrong
    played fable too much (15 hrs in the past 3 days, trying to get as much gaming in before my break is over)

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