Xbox 360 Imminent?

I am this close (and by “this” I mean the space between two pixels that make up the “i” in the word “this”) to getting an Xbox 360. My local Micro Center is offering $100 dollar rebates to purchases of both Xbox systems (the premium and core). On top of that, they’re offering a $200 store voucher for signing up for a year of Vonage. That brings the price tag of a Premium Xbox 360 to $99 which puts it right in a place I like to call my “wheelhouse.”

Switching to Vonage has been something I’ve been investigating for a few weeks now anyway, so the stars are aligning, as they say. Mrs. buttonMasher seems to agree that this might be too good of a deal to pass up. Of course I couldn’t agree more, know what I’m saying?

So I will be at Ohio State’s opening game tomorrow afternoon and it’s very possible I’ll be heading to Micro Center shortly after their dominating victory.

It will be mine.


Oh yes, it will be mine.


  1. Go! Go! Go! Go!

    I need more victi….friends online.

  2. I hate you

  3. The 360 rocks. Now all you need is a hdtv to play it on.

  4. That Fuzzy Bastard says

    Be forewarned: A lot of 360 games, including a lot of the great Live Arcade games (the best thing about the 360) are pretty much unplayable on a standard TV (the worst thing about the 360). Caveat emptor.

  5. i can’t think of any games on the 360 that would justify even $100 for it…

  6. I gotta say… I haven’t regretted the purchase since I made it a couple of weeks ago. Between Dead Rising, GRAW, and the handful of XBLA games I have, I’m a fan.

  7. The Salesman says

    Well, Xbox does have dead rising and halo but…i wouldn’t reccomend getting it *braces himself for vicious fanboy reply* dont get it! please!

  8. The Salesman says

    Dammit! i didnt even find a typewriter and i just got Chris Refields throat ripped out by a frikkin Cerberus-89 in REmake! argh!!!

  9. *Puts up anti fanboy sheild*
    i totaly gree, don’t get it…wait, you already did…well, since i already have my anti fanboy shield up… V_V


    *gets attacked by huge mob*

  10. Well, sorry to disappoint some of you, but I’m not going back now. The 360 is rocking!

  11. strong the darkside is, resist it you did not


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