Xbox 360 update

Too busy. No talky, no bloggy. Must smash zombies with bowling ball.

Back later, promise.


  1. Haha. Just one more step my padawan.

    Xbox Live.

    For zombies: bats and edged weapons are your best friends. Also, be sure to get the mini-chainsaws and the books that make them THE MOST POWERFUL ITEMS IN THE WORLD.

  2. I still hate you.

  3. The Salesman says

    :O no way

  4. The Salesman says

    😐 TRAITOR!

  5. ag – I’ve got Xbox Live, I’ll be throwing up my Gamercard here soon along with my gamertag. I’ve transferred my Live account over to the 360, so I’m good to go.

    I haven’t found the mini-chainsaws yet but I have found the auger in the hardware store. That made me laugh for hours.

    FS – sorry man, I still love my Gamecube, but the time was right. I’ll get a Wii on launch, I promise.

    Salesman – Don’t see it as me being a traitor. Look at it like I’m open minded. Just giving the 360 a chance, that’s all.

  6. Take out Adam the clown on the Wonderland ride.

  7. The 360 pwnz all. Glad to see you got Dead Rising, I think it’s an excellent take on the whole “zombie horror” type game. The lack of savegame spots is kind of annoying but I just restart the game when I die and begin with a higher level.

    Here are some of my favorites on the 360 to check out:

    Saint’s Row – like GTA:SA but bettah.
    Kameo – best platformer I’ve played since Jak 1.
    Tomb Raider Legend – short but very very sweet.
    Burnout Revenge – best racing game I’ve ever played.
    Condemened: Criminal Origins – scary as hell, very disturbing, but somehow, compelling.
    Far Cry Instincts Predator – decent graphics, good gameplay, has a lot of variety in how to go through it, plus it’s lengthy.
    Perfect Dark Zero – kind of an average shooter but it’s so cheap now you have to try it.

    For Xbox Live Arcade I highly recommend Geometry Wars, and the Cloning Clyde is also pretty cool. Uno is a great beer and pretzels kind of game. So far I haven’t been too wowed by the tretro arcade games, they just don’t do enough to expand the gameplay as much as they could (or graphics or anything). Basically if I can get the same thing on MAME then I see no reason to spend my Microsoft points on it.

  8. Ahh, that\’s the crazy clown, right? Yeah, I\’m in no shape to take him down yet. I just barely hit level 6 and the clown beat me down. I\’ll be giving him another chance soon.

    Knight – thanks for the list, I\’ll be giving a couple of those a try real soon.

  9. Use knives at level 9 or so.

  10. my friend got a 360…no the downside? HE’S NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY M GAMES!! that leaves…..advent rising?


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