Work in progress

Over the weekend, I’ll be working on my To-Do List I mentioned a couple weeks ago. Most recently, I’ve added a Contact Page, with a form to contact me directly, along with my Instant Messenger screen names and my email address. If you’ve got a tip, question, complaint, anything, feel free to drop me a line however you like.

I’m also using this plugin to set up all the different feeds I have to point to my FeedBurner feed. For those of you that read Buttonmashing through an RSS reader, this shouldn’t cause any issues but it will give me a chance to have a better idea of who’s reading the site through my feeds. Let me know if this causes anyone a problem.

Other changes will be occuring (mostly behind the scenes) but hopefully nothing will get garbled or wonky while I do my tweaking.

Update: I noticed after installing the plugin that the feed spit out like 20 of my latest entries (including my links and Flickr pictures). Hopefully that didn’t cause any problems or confusion.


  1. Thanks for that plugin link, T. I tried to forward everything to Feedburner some time ago via editing .htaccess, but ran into issues with my host’s Apache setup.

  2. Ah. I noticed your delicious links showing up in the feed. Wondered what that was.

  3. Corvus – Hope the plugin worked for ya. It seems to be working on my end

    ag – yeah, I’ve got and my buttonmashing Flickr account connected to my feed. I don’t use them that often, but they’re usually related to my stuff here, so I figured tieing them together wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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