Video Games in “The Office”

Did you catch last night’s episode of “The Office“? If so, what did you think about using Call of Duty as a prop?

I thought they did a good job. It looked like they actually used the real game (though I’m not sure, since I don’t play CoD) and they recreated the noob (Jim Halpert) perfectly. The shot of Jim’s guy running hopelessy into a corner while another player watched was perfect. Then when he turned around he was lined up perfectly for a head shot. Classic.

They even tweaked the geek psyche even more when they used a cute girl as one of the players. One of the better players.

Well done, NBC.


  1. I almost peed myself laughing the whole time….espeacially when the real boss pulled his team in the hall and the one guy threatened to kill JIM for real for sucking so bad ROFL…..We have all been that dude or seen someone act like that dude at a HALO party

  2. I thought they did a great job with it. Loved the “we’re playing teams?” bit.

  3. We all know what the final outcome will be. Jim will go show up at work with real guns and go on a rampage killing several people before shooting himself. That is what games like CoD make people do.

    It was a great episode. The looks of disgust on Jim’s co-workers faces when he asked “we’re playing teams?” is familiar to me as I am usually the noob.

  4. Ah crap, I can’t believe I missed it. When is the episode on again? (It’s late Sunday right now)

  5. I forgot about the “we’re playing teams”! That was hilarious. And yes, we’ve all been or seen that guy at a Halo or LAN party. I think I’ve been that guy once and a while

    Wizzel – No idea when it will be re-aired. I know you can pick up old episodes of Office on iTunes, though. You can get this episode here:

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