The concept of the “Everquest Widow” is nothing new. Sure, World of Warcraft has been more successful than Everquest, and yes, there are “WoW widows” but it’s nothing new. A couple days ago, a post on Soul Kerfuffle was making the rounds last week, about a guy and his year in World of Warcraft. He talks of addictions, obsessions, and broken families. After I read that post, I found another post telling the story of yet another gaming widow dealing with someone “addicted” to gaming. For whatever reason, this particular blog post was rather poignant to me. Even though the game isn’t EQ or WoW, it’s still the same thing.

Maybe I’m just not dedicated enough, but I can’t wrap my brain around this. I cannot think of a gaming situation where gaming is more attractive, important or tantalizing than sex, EVER.


I think the question of whether you’re addicted or not boils down to this: If offered the chance to be with your wife/girlfriend/significant other and you pass on it to play your game, level up one more level, finish your raid, whatever, I have bad news for you:

You, sir (or madam), are addicted.


  1. Summed it up in one Tony!

    I’ve never understood how a game can force you to not spend time with your partner. It’s not just about the sex though, although it sure is a bonus, it’s about choosing a game over a real life relationship. Maybe I can’t understand it because I’m not addicted but it just seems so wrong. Sure, you’re not going to want to spend every hour with your partner but to play a game constantly and give her/him no attention? I think that’s the point I’d stop playing alltogether and move onto something more casual.

    I wouldn’t go as far to say that games like WoW are a drug. An addiction to drugs is damn hard to get through, where as I think addiction to games is a matter of self control. If you put your mind to it you can easily stop playing, what’s so hard about not turning on your PC or console for a week or two?

    I played WoW for a while and could never understand the appeal to be honest. My idea of fun isn’t doing the same repetitive task over and over again but, ya know, I guess some people dig that.

  2. “My idea of fun isn’t doing the same repetitive task over and over again but, ya know, I guess some people dig that.”

    The same repetitive task over and over again sounds alot like sex to me. πŸ™‚

  3. Bobster – I don’t see much pleasure in the finger πŸ˜‰

  4. Tom – I think you’re right about not knowing what it’s like because we’re not “addicted” but it’s still easy to see how one could get there. I just don’t think I could stay there.

    Bobster – I knew I could count on you for that comment. I knew it was coming!

  5. “The same repetitive task over and over again sounds alot like sex to me.”

    You must be doing something wrong.

    My wife knows how much I like playing games and considering how much I travel I don’t get much time to do it. So she really appreciates it when I put aside the games and elect to spend time with her instead.

    Besides, you can’t cuddle with an X-Box. Well…you could but hard plastic surfaces and all that. It does kind of have a warmth all it’s own though.

  6. That’s because its power brick burns with the heat of a thousand suns!

  7. BOOBIES!!!

    sorry, had to do that, I just couldent resist.
    I myself am slightly addicted, when I went to NJ (i was there sunday to wensday) I had this urge to go play somthing, then again, I was stuck in a minivan for 9 hrs listening to crappy “audio books” It’s kinda like being additced to caffine, or coke(-cola, not the drug) with caffine, I just kinda get this wierd thrist, that only goes away if I drink caffine (thats why I stoped driking caffine) but with gaming, I feel restless, and I stop if I’m playing a game, I guess it helps calm me down (or I’m an addict) I do get frustrated when people “interupt” me, not like just coming in the room and talking to me, but when they make me get up off my butt and do somthing (OH NOES!!11)
    I don’t want to play 24/7, there are things I would MUCH rather be doing (sex included) like painball, uh, paintball, uhhhhh shopping for more video games, Martail Arts, paintball…

    BTW, any of you happen to catch the southpark on WoW? that was classic. just classic

    Heh, while I’m writing this, I just noticed I’m wearing a “You might be a video game addict if…” shirt

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