Waiting for my Wii

As I mentioned earlier, I was planning on picking up a Wii from Amazon.com. I figured I could get in on a preorder and be happy with that. There was talk that Amazon would resume taking preorders at some point. I held out hope. I believed!

Then I got this email from Amazon this afternoon:

Important News For Amazon.com Video Games Customers

The Nintendo Wii will be available for purchase on Amazon.com on 11/19, Sunday morning (PST). We will be limiting purchases to one per household and we anticipate that we will sell through our inventory very quickly as we’ve received email notification requests over 100 times greater than the number of units we will have available for sale (i.e., for every Nintendo Wii we’ll have for sale, over 100 people have signed up to be notified).

At this time, we do not have any information on future Nintendo Wii offers, but we will post updates on future availability in the customer discussions on the Nintendo Wii product page:


Thank you for your continued support of Amazon.com.

I guess I’ll be camping out in front of the computer Sunday morning (PST) whatever that means. Arrgh! Looks like the arrival of my Wii may be delayed for a while. A hundred-to-one ratio of Wiis to people who want them? I’m screwed.


  1. “weve received email notification requests over 100 times greater than the number of units we will have available for sale (i.e., for every Nintendo Wii well have for sale, over 100 people have signed up to be notified).”

    It was nice of them to explain to the college-educated person what “over 100 times greater” means.

  2. FlamingSquirrel says

    I got it.
    It’s amazing.
    Please forgive the spelling errors as this is a rather large chunk of text.

    So I was gonna go to a walmart midnight launch, but alas, I called them around 8, and they said they’re line of 20 was full, and they had rejected almost 30 people already, this ticked me off, since thy said there was no interest, and I could show up at 10 and be fine. so anyway, I call around (had a really funny call with target, the guy thought Wii was PS3, he’s like, “yeah, we sold out of those on friday” and I’m like “but it dosn’t come out till sunday” and he goes “well we sold them on friday” me: “then your gonna get sued by nintendo” him “what is it again?” me:” wii, W-I-I” him ” don’t you mean PS3″ me: “NO! WII! THE LITTLE WHITE THING!” him “lemme go ask the manager” I could hear the managers annoyed voice telling him about it.) anyway, I called around, and find out that my best bet would be cuircit city, or Toys R US, so I stay up all night (i have 2 freinds with me BTW) and at 5AM we head over there, now cuircit city gave out tickets at 8, then you just came back at 10 to pick up your consle, whgen we got there, the cuircet city line was full, but toys R us only had 5 people in it, so we camped there, lawnchairs, DS’s and my freinds brand new Zune (which is awsome BTW) for 4 hours till they opend, now that felt like alot longer, but it was only 4, we had a great time, everyne was freindly, we traded emails so we could give eachother our Wii codes (One friend code per system, and it works for all the games) so we had lots of fun, anyway, the manager came out, and handed out tickets, now we were 6th in line, there was about 50 people in line, and there were only 11 Wiis. Sucks to be them. but I got my wii, now since I had 2 freinds, my mom decicded to spring the extra cash to get me another Wii-mote (no nunchuk though) but I also convinced her to head over to cuirte city, and get Zelda:TP cuase I had a $5 off cuopon. Anyways, we got home, opend the sacred box and there it was, white and sexy! I love, anyway, setup was simple, though the sensor bar is REALLY lite, and can easily get bumped around, so you really should sticky it down (likw they sugest) now at first, I was mad, this moiton sensing crap didn’t work! I was pointing my hand, fully etended at the screen, and my cursor was 5 inches below! but I quickly found out, that if you hold the Wii-mote comfortably, at waist levle, it works perfectly. So we made a few Miis (i have a bunch now, my whole family, thats 5 people, plus Micheal jackson (to beat up in boxing) chuck norris, mr T, Some random guy, and a fwe othgers, I can’t think of them all right now. Anyway, then we poped in Wii sports, now I had to admit, I had my worries, would this really work? would it be half broken? no, just no, we stareted up a tennis match, and it played PERFECTLY. Easy to pick up and play, even if you don’t play video games (I got my sis playing) but still had somehting to master, so it wasn’t really shallow. Tennis is fun, probably the best multiplayer, baseball is either too easy (pitching is VERY SIMPLE, not much at all to it) or too hard (batting takes aournd 30 min of practise before you can reghularly hit a non foul ball) Golf worked pretty well, but it was boring, it was also extremely hard to lightly hit the ball, as you need to move the Wii-mote ata certain speed beofre the game regozizes your actualy hittnig, it, and sometimes that speed is more powerfull than you want. Boxing is half broken, it really is, it has alot of trouble regoczining what your doing, but after a while you kinda figure out how it works, then it’s pretty fun. now bowling is AMAZING, my absolute favorite, it works so well! Now there also is a training mode, like in tennis, your supposed to rally (hit ) the ball to a certain spot on the opents side, or hit the ball into little targets. bowling has you knocking down just 1 or 2 pins, in weird formatoins, so you learn how top put spin on the ball, or bowling the ball AROUND obstacle on the track, and then hitting the pins. Baseball has you hitting as many pitches as you can, or hitting the ball again, to a certain part of the feild. Golf has you practising putting (but like I said before, it’s hard to add just a litle power) boxing has you knocking down punching bags, or dodgeing balls you r trainer throws at you. So after my freinds left, (we played wii sports for 5 hours, the Wii posts messages telling you how long you played what in your message board) I was so tired (I had been up since saturday 9AM, and it was suday 6PM, you do the math) that I coudlent foucus on Zelda, I really tried, but I was half asleep, and really couldent play, so I saved, put down the Wii-mote, and fell asleep in my chair. So i got to play alot more on yesterday, I’m just at the begginging of the first temple, and I know you from you rother post, you don’t want anything spoiled, but let me just sa, the game is fantasic. great sinamactics, great gameplay, the controlls work very well.
    Sorry for the Uber long message, but thats myWii-view!
    this is truly an amazing system, buy it now or ZI’ll eat your soul!
    Oh yeah, I don’t have my Wii online yet, I’m still wired up. Anyway, I’m getting a wireless router soon, I’m gonna call my uncle up today, and see if he has any extras (my uncle works with computrs ALOT, so hes the kinda person who has extra wireless routers, and motherbaods laying around)
    Anyway, I have to go play Zelda…NOW. God I love that game.

  3. FS – wow, thanks for posting your review. I may go back over it and “clean it up” for ease of reading. But sounds like you’re liking. Good to hear.

    Bobster – those numbers can be confusing!

  4. FlamingSquirrel says

    Yup, go ahead, this is like the 3rd time I’ve had to re-type it.

    And yes, it’s awsome. BTW, I’m 8 hours into Zelda, and I JUST got out of the first dungeon

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