HDTV incoming!

I did it! After hemming and hawing for the better part of six months, I have finally taken the plunge and decided to enter the High-Definition TV era. I had my eye on a few TVs, but I kept coming back to the Samsung brand. The cost of LCD and Plasma were a little out of my price for the size I wanted, so I went with a DLP television. After reading various home theater forums, magazines, reviews, and talking with friends, I decided on the Samsung HL-S5088W, a 50 inch DLP.

Samsung HL-S5088W
She’s a beauty, ain’t she?

We belong to a “wholesale club” (not Sam’s or Costco) so I got a tremendous price on it. Problem is, it could take up to six weeks to arrive. A bit of a pain, but, for the price, I can wait. I’m secretly hoping it shows up before January 8th, as there’s a little college football game that I’d love to see in high-def. Plus, I’ve heard 24, Lost and a host of other programming looks pretty good in HD. Not to mention the 360 in glorious, glorious 1080p.

I’m a little worried about having the little buttonMashers running around, abusing it. My Sony TV has been covered with little fingerprints for about three years now, so I’m not hopeful. We’ll just have to teach them to respect daddy’s new toy. I don’t break their stuff, they don’t break mine. Seems simple enough.

So I’m excited about joining the HD generation. I’d love to hear what kind of set-ups you guys have (HD or not). If you have any experiences (good or bad) with Samsung DLPs, I’d love to hear them. I’ll definitely be posting the unboxing, whenever it arrives. I’m as giddy as a ten year old on Christmas eve.


  1. FlamingSquirrel says

    You wana see my setup? Behold the imageshack link, the true cheap ass gamer setup (pay not attention to the curtains or top of the dresser, they haven’t been changed since I was like 6…)
    Ya see that awsomness, your eyes do not lie, my VCR is laying sideways leaning on the TV, and for those wondering, yes, my TV only have Coaxial ports, so I have to run stuff through the VCR. You can see pictured there the Wii, 2 Wii-motes, a Nunchuk (only got one, now I regret it, since store are all out of stock..) Also Wii sports, TP, a Lava Lamp, on top of the TV there is the sensor bar, and that silver thing is my Ravac 15 minutes rechargeable battery set. the Wii-mote runs through 2 AA batts around every 35 hours, the Wii keeps track of how long you’ve played each day, on December 9, I had 74 hours clocked since the 19th, I’ve played everyday except thanksgiving.
    I HAVE A WII!!!
    Remember when I thought I would never get one, and I was freaking out about that Halo 3 sweedish magazine thingy, well guess what, HALO CAN KISS MY ASS! I GOT METRIOD 3 BABY! I’ll take a dorky green hat and some fishing over a few gears fighting anyday!

  2. We own a Samsung HD LCD and are very pleased with it. The main concern of the moment is the single set component inputs. It’s got multiple HDMI inputs, but since MS keeps avowing that the Wanx won’t get an HDMI cable, they don’t do me a lot of good at this point. Of course, I can pick up a convertor box, but those are pricey.

  3. I am not in the HDTV world yet. I play my 360 on a 22″ Samsung HD monitor but my TV viewing is all regular def. I don’t think my famly will be going high def. until the next time one of our TV’s burn out.

    I find myself praying for that day.

  4. FS – Nice set up you have there. I am pretty jealous of the Wii.

    Corvus – I had considered the LCD, but for the price vs. the size I wanted, the DLP was right where I wanted it. Good to hear you’re happy with Samsung.

    Bobster – I have a sneaking suspicion the day will be coming sooner rather than later after you gaze upon the beauty of the DLP.

  5. I picked up a samsung lnr-409d 720p 40″ LCD last year for the game room and have been enjoying it since. Going from SD to HD for x360 was like owning a new console all over again.

    Some pics of my setup:

  6. arogan – sweet setup man. I’m pretty excited for my Samsung to show up. You say it’s “like owning a new console all over again.” That’s exactly what I’m hoping for.

  7. So, how much is this “tremendous price” exactly. Care to share?

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