Minor milestone

I finally broke the one thousand mark on my gamerscore. Last night I finished a mission in Hitman: Blood Money (worth 25 points! For one mission!) and now I have hit a minor milestone. Sure, there may be guys out there with 100k gamerscores (okay, maybe there’s only three of them), but who really wants to play all those games?


  1. I don’t know if this will work here:

    Edit it out if it’s wonky, but I see you creeping up on me. I need to play some more.


    (Do you see how achievements on Microsoft’s part were ingenious? I’ve caught myself trying to finish games just for the sake of completing all the achievements…of which I have not done.)

  2. ag – looks like you were trying to add your gamercard. Not sure why it didn’t work, but I can try and add it.

    The idea of acheivements was nothing short of brilliant. I absolutely consider them when I get a game. I still plan on going back to Dead Rising once the new TV shows up, so I can grab a couple more achievements. Ingenious indeed.

  3. I think the comment code for wordpress may not allow png images. Oh well. I have two goals for 2007: complete all achievements on Dead Rising and Viva Pinata.

    Viva may be attainable by the end of the year, but that 14 hour achievement in Dead Rising is going to be killer.

  4. ag – I don’t think images are allowed in comments. At least I’ve never seen them on a WP blog.

    I definitely want to get all the DR achievements. I just hit level 50 last night, so I’m getting there. Right now I’m going for the “Get 50 people out of the mall.” I’m just starting day 2 and I’ve already saved 15-16 people. Going back to Dead Rising has been fun. The 7-day survivor, however, man forever elude me.

    I hope Santa brings me a copy of Viva. Looks fun.

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