You don’t know me!

I love blog-memes, even though they’re almost universally hated. I’ve been tagged by Michael with one, asking for “Five Things” you probably don’t know about me. This was actually harder than it would seem. I’m a pretty reserved guy and don’t really talk much about myself. Anyway, on with the self-deprecation:

1. I cried during Schindler’s List. I can count the number of times I’ve cried in the past 15 years on one hand. I’m not a very emotional guy, especially about something like a movie, but Schindler’s List struck me to the core. I was 18 at the time and it really moved me.

2. I still collect baseball (and football and basketball) cards. I used to collect cards as a kid and I never really stopped. I have thousands of them. I’m not as dedicated as I used to be, but any time I’m at the grocery store and there’s a box of cards in the rack of my aisle, I’ll grab a couple packs and throw them in the cart.

3. I’m a huge Erasure fan. I like all sorts of music, but there’s something about synthesized Euro-pop that does it for me. My wife calls it “girlie music.” So be it. “Chains of Love” is secretly one of my favorite songs.

4. I once ate 28 cups of yogurt in less than an hour. When I was living in Spain, we had contest we called “the Yogurt Challenge.” You had to eat 24 cups of yogurt in 45 minutes without, uhm, visiting the bathroom, for another 15. I did all 24 of my yogurts, plus 4 that my buddy couldn’t finish. I held it down, too. I couldn’t eat yogurt for months, but I had the Yogurt Challenge record. Kobayashi has nothing on me!

5. I’m afraid of needles. Yep, I’m the big tough guy who is afraid of an itty-bitty prick. I hate getting shots and hate having my blood drawn even more. Thing is, I have to watch it go in. I can’t help myself. I can’t look away. I have to see it happen even though I’m dreading it the whole time. I can’t take it.

So that’s a little about me. That was actually a lot of fun. And now the best part, I get to tag a few people. I’m tagging the Monkey, Nat, Josh and Brinstar. You know, if you guys don’t hate blog memes and stuff.


  1. FlamingSquirrel says

    okay, just becuase i’m bored, here’s 5 things about me

    1. I’m scared of spiders, not small ones, but larger, silver dollar size ones, they’re creepy, I always imagine them crawling all over me really fast.

    2. I’m sort of an animator, I messed around with Pivot (google it) and got pretty good at it ( before I got into flash animation, I’m not so good at that, still learning, I understand how to work the program, but just not so good at actualy ANIMATING yet.

    3. I have a Black Belt, yeah, i’ve been in Karate for around 4 years now, I got my Black Belt in october. I found it especially amusing when I had Xbox live, when people would threaten me, saying they were gonna btea the snot out of me etc, when most likley, I could decimate over half the people in real life (and in the game, I got WAYYY better at Halo 2 then my freinds without Xbox live, who used to be able to own me anytime)

    4. I’m half Brazilian, my dad is Brazilian, my mom is from Maryland.

    5. Uhhh, I can’t think of anything else to write here, so I’ll just put my age, since you probably don’t know that. I’m 13

  2. Here are my five things you probably don’t want to know about me:

    1) I have a large comic book collection, maybe 1,000 of them, that I never look at anymore. I bought them like crazy when I was a kid 30 years ago. Now I collect firearms. Handy in case of attack by a 13-year-old karate squirrel who is on fire.

    2) When I was in the Navy stationed in Scotland I won a drinking contest in a night club. Not only did I shotgun six beers the fastest, but I finished off two that my teammate couldn’t handle. I won a T-shirt. (The beer was free so it was a great deal.

    3) I can juggle and do magic tricks.

    4) The favorite job that I have had was delivering pizza for Domino’s. It was fast paced, paid pretty well, and everyone was happy to see me.

    5) I am the suckiest suck who ever sucked at Halo and Halo2.

  3. FlamingSquirrel says

    Hey Bobster, thats insulting, I want an apology, I’m a BRAZILIAN 13-year-old karate squirrel who is on fire and has slight arachnophobia! Get your facts strait!
    And you better watch out, because we both live in Ohio…

  4. Oh gosh. I’ve been tagged. I guess I’d better start thinking of things my audience do not know about me, which I am willing to divulge to the public!

  5. FS – Brazilian black belt, eh? I better watch out. Nice job with the animations, too. I had no idea you were 13.

    Bobster – A T-shirt for winning the contest, eh? That doesn’t sound like it was worth it!

    Brin – That’s the hardest part — what to share, what not.

    I see that Nat trackbacked, too. Cool.

  6. Mr. Squirrel,

    My mistake. You are a BRAZILIAN 13-year-old karate squirrel who is on fire and has slight arachnophobia. Firearms would be useless. I’m going out to buy some guard spiders tonight.


    I got a T-shirt and eight beers at no cost other than 30 to 40 thousand brain cells. That’s a good deal.

  7. FlamingSquirrel says

    OH YEAH! Well, I’ll just surround myself with bathtubs! The spider goes, the spider… NEVER COMES OUT AGAIN!! BWAHAHAHA!!!

  8. My new home defense spiders are way to big to fit in a bathtub drain. One of them webbed and ate the neighbors Great Dane when he wandered into my yard. I better put up a warning sign or something.

  9. FlamingSquirrel says

    I’ve got a pyro friend, I’ll have him make me a flame thrower. You know that Great Dane? That was actually the charred remains of an Elephant, after I tested one of his OLD flame throwers on it, the new expects to be so powerful, not only can it roast an Elephant, but Rosie O’Donnell too! Thats like a 50% increase in firepower! Don’t tell your spiders are bigger than Rosie O’Donnell, because A. Thats physically impossible, and B. Someone would have seen them by now… FROM SPACE.
    *Astronaut 1:
    “Whats that huge spot covering Ohio?”
    *Astronaut 2:
    “It’s probably Rosie O’Donnell, did you hear the briefing at all?”
    *Astronaut 2:
    “I think its a giant spider!”

  10. 28 cups of yogurt? Dude…

  11. Omg, what a wonderful example of my short attention span. I totally read this and didn’t even noticed I had been tagged.

  12. FlamingSquirrel


  13. Troy – yeah, 28 cups of yogurt was pretty gross. I think it works out to almost 4 liters of yogurt. That’s almost a gallon. It didn’t sit well, so to speak. I was shivering from a gallon of cold yogurt in my stomach.

    Josh – I almost missed my tagging as well. Sometimes the eyes just glaze over reading yet another blog meme 🙂


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