Buckeye Blogging, BCS Championship Game


Blogging has been and will be light around these parts the next couple days, as tonight is the BCS National Championship game between my Ohio State Buckeyes and the Florida Gators. I’ll be blogging the highlights of the game at my OSU site, Men of the Scarlet and Gray (there’s an Open Thread at the site, all about the game, if you’re interested).

I’m super excited about the game, so gaming will be minimal until the euphoria (or heaven forbid, depression) after the game has worn off. Once I come down from the high of victory, we’ll resume the video game blogging as normal. I’ve got plans to revisit some of the DS games I’ve neglected (Contact, EBA, NSMB) along with my Christmas haul. I’ll also have site and Carnival updates. And a TV update, as well.

Speaking of TV, I can’t tell you how excited I am about seeing the Championship Game in HD. Fox seems to be doing a great job of sports in HD so I’m assuming this will be no different. It’s hard to watch programming now that isn’t in HD. That may sound like HD-snobbery (which it is) but I can’t believe the difference it makes. I think my buddy explained it best when he compared it to how our parents must have felt when they went from black and white to color TVs in their day. It’s that dramatic.

Yeah, we lost. Yeah, it sucks. Yeah, I’m over it.

I’m ready to get back to gaming.


  1. FlamingSquirrel says

    AHAHAHAHA! OSU lost! Thats freat, they really got creamed too! I’m not too much of a sports fan though, playing the sport (in real life or in cyber space) has always been more apealing to me

  2. Squirrelboy – I know you did not just laugh at OSU. You are this close to a beating. I’m just warning you!

  3. FlamingSquirrel says

    I know that you know that I live in Ohio, but I know (at least i think I know) that you don’t know where in Ohio I live. So I know that you that I don’t know if you know where in Ohio I live.

    P.S. A local Meijers was selling Gator meat for like $9 a pound…

  4. FS – Oh, you would be surprised to know what I know. Yes, I know you live in Ohio (because you’ve told me) but I also know more than that. You’re lucky I’m feeling generous. I’ll let this slide.

    For now.


  5. squirrel on his wii says

    Hey, I found out what BCS stands for! Buckeyes Can’t Score!

  6. This is the best you can do live blogging a game that has you the #4 shot on google. C’mon u morons, history is being made here and you’re on the stage.

    LSU is makin’ a statement here, while West Virginia could make a case. And so could seven other teams that have only two losses. Three more weeks of playoffs would come in handy right now.

  7. @Rovin – not too quick on the uptake? This was a post from January 2007. As in, last year’s BCS Championship game.

    But yes, I will agree with you that we sure could use a playoff system.

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