Ze Frank on the Wii

Ze FrankIf you’re not watching “The Show” with Ze Frank, well, you should be. You’re missing out.

Yesterday’s show was Ze talking about playing with his new Wii. Sure, he makes all the obvious “Wii” jokes, but he also brings some funny stuff, too. Heck, he even found some new games you should check out. “Don’t Wake the Bees” sounds like a great game.


  1. He doesn’t seem to blink. Kind of disturbing but I can’t look away.

  2. FlamingSquirrel says

    Never heard of him, I did watch it though, kinda funny, more “jokes I was tired of a month after the name change”

  3. Bobster – that is one of his trademarks. The no blinking is his thing.

    FS – some of the jokes were old, but he had some good ones, too.

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