Light posting week

I’ll be out of town the rest of this week, so there won’t be a lot of posting going on until I return. In the meantime, the Carnival is still on track for tomorrow, so make sure you’ve submitted your entry or get it in ASAP!

Once I get back, I should have spent the better part of a week with a pile of half-played DS games, so I should finally get around to a more in-depth discussion about games like Age of Empires, Contact, Elite Beat Agents and others. I’m even thinking of resurrecting my Animal Crossing town, after the horrible demise my last town met.

So to recap: Make sure you check out the Carnival of Gamers at Jason’s place tomorrow, get some serious gaming in over the weekend and we’ll discuss more next week.


  1. Is light posting good because it is less filling or tastes great?

  2. Bobster – If girls fight over it, does it really matter?

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