Virtual Teddy Bears

Coming this Christmas, a Build-A-Bear Workshop DS game. Save yourself the hassle (and shame) of taking your kid to the Build-A-Bear store at the mall and get her the DS version instead. Think of all the money you’ll save! Thank you, The Game Factory, you’re finally giving me a game my four year-old daughter can enjoy on the DS. (via The Game Blog)


  1. flamingsquirrel says

    $35 bucks is actually cheaper than buying a real bear. It also bear the true mark of a cheap ass.

  2. Her?

    We got a bear for each of our boys when they were two.

  3. ag – I’m not implying anything 🙂 I just know my girl would love a trip to BaB, so maybe a video game will be like endless trips to BaB!

  4. flamingsquirrel says

    *cough* CHEAP ASS *cough*

    Of course, I wouldn’t buy either, the bear OR the game…


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