What I’m playing (this weekend)

Sure, I could be playing any number of games this weekend, but I’m doing something I promised myself I wouldn’t do — attempt the 7-Day Survivor achievement in Dead Rising. I know I poo-poohed it a few months back, but I can’t help myself. Not only am I an achievement whore, I’m a Dead Rising whore. I find myself going back to the zombie smashing more and more. So I’m going to eat crow and attempt the insane, 14-hour Dead Rising marathon.

I’ve got it all worked out. I’ve already okayed it with Mrs. buttonMasher and she’s fine with it. She understands the gravity of the situation and has agreed to help keep the kids away from the 360 (the little one is attracted to the green button) for the weekend. I’m a little nervous for the health of my 360, as I will have to play in chunks of time to achieve the ultimate goal, while my 360 is generating enough heat to warm our living room for a month. I guess I can consider this a stress test on the Xbox. If it can survive 60+ hours of non-stop running, it should be able to handle anything.

I also have a plan for sucess. I’ll immediately seek out the necessary power-up magazines to make my survival easier. I’ll get the ones that increase the potency of my food stuffs, along with the construction magazine, effectively powering up my weapon of choice, the two-by-four. Then I have plans to judiciously ration my food as I go from place to place, keeping myself safe for extended periods of time. Along the way, I plan on cleaning up some of the other achievements, like the Karate Champ (killing zombies sans-armaments), killing 10k and then 53k zombies, and hanging outdoors for 24 hours. It’s going to be an achievements clean sweep!

I don’t know if I have the dedication or fortitude to see the plan through, but if you see me on Live, drop me a message a see how am doing. I may need the moral support. Let me know what you’re playing this weekend.


  1. Hardcore, man. Hardcore.

    I’ve got to get back into that game.

  2. I predict the 360 will handle the heat and work load with no problems. Get those achievements you whore!

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