How long until?

I am in no way minimizing the horrible shooting that occurred this morning on the Virginia Tech campus. It’s an awful mess and I feel terrible for those that were involved.

I’m just wondering how long until it’s blamed on video games. I haven’t read many news stories recently — maybe it already has.

Update: Just as Josh pointed out in the comments, Kotaku mentions that Jack Thompson was on Fox News spewing his tripe all over the place.

Here is a link to a video of his appearance on Fox News: Jack Thompson on the VT shootings. (I couldn’t make it past the first minute)

More: Rush Limbaugh, the voice of reason.


  1. Thompson apparently already aired such insanity. I had the same thought, but Kotaku posted about BatJack before I could even post the question.

    Sad. Truly sad.

  2. FlamingSquirrel says

    On CNN, they had some criminal psychologist who was blaming it on violent media, saying how TV shows, movies and video games are all to blame.
    The thing about Jack Thompson is this: Thank God every day he is still here. Think about it, many people wish he would leave gaming alone, but if he did, he might be replaced by someone COMPETENT. That could be bad. Thankfully, Thompson is to crazy to be listened to seriously, and as of now, doesn’t pose much of a threat. If he were replaced by someone who isn’t as dumb or crazy, that could cause problems.

  3. Well at least they haven’t blamed it on the NRA yet: Virginia Tech had a “no guns allowed on campus” gun control policy. That worked real well.

  4. Josh – We just have to continue the fight against stupidity. The forces of the stupid are strong.

    FS – we may see JT as the crazy kook he is, but a lot of people hear him talk and think to themselves “that’s right, video games are evil!” He’s very dangerous to this hobby we love.

    mgroves – yeah, the “no guns” policy works out great — for those who follow it. I guess the bad guy didn’t get the memo.

  5. FlamingSquirrel says

    Oh God.
    Dr. Phil’s blaming games now. For all the “omg, games make ppl violent” crap, what about the MILLIONS of gamers out there, that don’t run around on killing sprees? Really, if you think about all the system sales (PS2 sold over 115 million alone) that’s a lot of peoplethat have games, but look at the percentage that are actually violent. These people would be violent anyway. If anything, the games would satisfy their “violence need” and they would be less likely to do anything.

  6. FlamingSquirrel says
  7. thanks for the links FS. Dr. Phil jumping into the debate is pretty laughable.

  8. 1 hour 43 minutes is how long it took.

  9. FlamingSquirrel says

    Now we just have to wonder how long until a movie is made, and you know that movie will blame Video Games.

  10. ag – 103 minutes? Tsk-tsk! I’m disappointed in Jack Thompson. I thought it would have less than 90!

  11. I wonder if video games were responsible for the Bath Michigan bombing in 1927? 45 dead and 58 injured. Most victims were kids from second to sixth grade. (Google Bath Michigan bombing)

    Of course video games were not around back then so maybe the cause of these types of attacks has to do with sick bastards being assholes.

    To bad the victims obeyed the law and were unarmed. I wonder if people will learn from this that disarming people makes them easy victims.

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