What I’m (not) playing

I’ve been in a bit of a gaming lull the past few weeks. I haven’t been completely out of gaming, but for the better part of the past two weeks, there has been very little buttonmashing going on. I don’t know if it’s apathy, lack of anything compelling to play, or what, but I just haven’t been playing much.

I got over my initial fear of firing up my 360 last week and everything seems to be copacetic with my system — my downloaded games and content was all there and everything went off without a hitch. It felt good firing up the white and green machine and loading up Crackdown from some mindless jaunts through town. I even downloaded a new arcade game (Dig Dug) to play around with. The kids have asked for “the Pinata” game a couple of times, but they get bored with that after a half an hour or so. The kids love naming the pinatas, and my daughter loves outfitting the pinatas with accessories, but even that gets old after a while. The 360 has returned to service, new and improved.

And yet, that has only been a few hours of gameplay. I watched most of Dawn of the Dead the other night, so I feel like playing Dead Rising again, but that’s about the extent of my gaming ambitions on the console front. I still log in to EQ2 a couple times a week, but it’s been a little tough to get my rag-tag group together. Hopefully we’ll have some time this weekend to get some questing in.

I’m also considering picking up the new Halo 2 maps, as one of them is a remake of my favorite Halo 1 map, Hang ’em High (also the best map name, ever). I’m pretty rusty with Halo 2, though, so I’d just embarass myself. Not that it would be any different from when I was playing Halo 2 nightly, but now I have an excuse.

What have you been playing? Anything new or exciting that I probably missed?


  1. FlamingSquirrel says

    I just picked up Godfather blackhand edition. That game would suck on a norml console, but with motion controls, it just own. hard.

  2. As I’m about to post on my own blog, I’ve started playing through God of War II. I never played the first one, but judging by how balls-out awesome this game is, I think I might have to pick up said first game after beating this one.

    It’s like Prince of Persia on steroids (the good kind).

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