Carnival of Gamers takes a break

You may (or may not) have noticed that I haven’t posted an announcement for the June edition of the Carnival of Gamers. I’ve lost a little steam when it comes to running the Carnival, so I decided the best thing I could do for the Carnival (and myself) could be to take a short break. Running the Carnival entails some legwork on my end and it’s been slowly falling down on the priority list. In fact, it seems that blog carnivals in general seem to be losing some steam. Perhaps they’re outliving their usefulness. Either way, it has been fun running the Carnival and I’ve enjoyed working with everyone, but for now I think it’s time the Carnival goes on a little hiatus.

That’s not to say there’s no interest. People are always contacting me, asking questions about the Carnival. Some want to participate, others want to host. So I don’t want to see it fall away completely. I think the Carnival is a great way for new bloggers to get exposure and for blog readers to find new blogs. I’ve come across quite a few good blogs over that 20+ carnivals. So it will take a break for the summer and we’ll take a look at the level of interest after that. Hopefully the break will be good for everyone involved.

I’m definitely not going to slow down here on the site itself, though. I’m pretty excited about the addition of a co-blogger and I’m getting the itch to change the look of the site, so hopefully we’ll be seeing changes very soon. Things will still be hopping around these parts.

Again, thanks to everyone that has helped out with the Carnival. It’s been a great run so far. We’ll see where it goes from here.


  1. Aw, sounds like something I would have gotten into. Will keep an eye out for when the carnival returns…

  2. Yeah, the carnival is a fun little ditty. It’ll be back.

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