Extravaganza 3 recap

I tried to get as much gaming in as I could during my free week, and I was fairly successful. I rented EA’s NBA Street Homecourt and gave that a try. While I played the NBA Street series a lot, I never owned any of the 3 games. I enjoyed them, just not enough to ever buy one. I had read that Homecourt is a cross between NBA Street and NBA Jams, losing some of the charm of each individual title. I was a huge NBA Jam freak back in the day, so I didn’t think that was a bad thing so I figured it was worth a go. I’ve played a bunch of Homecourt now and I’d give the game a thumbs-up. Some of the gravity-defying dunks are simply too much to swallow, but the game overall is very enjoyable. The gamebreaker portion, where you dance and jump around with the ball in a sort of break-dance free-style, is simply hilarious. Can’t get enough of that. The problem I have is seeing players in the game that couldn’t dunk a basketball with a trampoline doing high flying acrobatics. Give me a break. I’ve seen Antoine Walker jump. He’s got a five inch vertical. That cat’s not dunking over anyone, even with the best trampoline.

I also had a copy of Oblivion I borrowed off Bobster which I never got around to playing until this weekend. I can definitely see how this game sucked months of gaming away from a lot of 360 owners. If I didn’t have EQ2 to fall back on, I can see this game being my RPG of choice for a very long time. Everything about Oblivion oozed awesomeness. I wish I had more time to give this a thorough playing, it’s just currently not in the cards. Especially after my brother-in-law told me about Two Worlds. It may even give EQ2 a run for my RPG time.

I mentioned I be trying the 7-day survivor (again) in Dead Rising one last time, but I met an very untimely death about two days into the game by that Army Freak in the Hardware store and I swore that game off forever. It’s still my favorite 360 game to date, but I just can’t take another heartbreak in survivor mode. Enough of that, I’m waiting for DR 2 now.

I rented Splinter Cell Double Agent, but was so busy with the other games that I never got around to it. Hopefully I’ll have some time this week to give that a try. I figure it will be like all the other SC, but that’s not a bad thing.

Finally, I had a nice marathon session of Everquest 2. I finished up my Tier 2 armor set (that I mocked earlier) and wrapped up a few more quests. Every time I get ready to head to a new area, I end up spending more time in the old areas wrapping up loose ends and I never make it. My goal is to be in the Thundering Steppes full time some time this week.

I’m proclaiming this year’s extravaganza a resounding success.

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