It’s about fricken time

First off, thanks to Glen at tBftSG pointing me to the new HD videos of NCAA 2008.

I watched the tutorial video in particular and learned that EA has FINALLY put in a “sim to complete” feature into the game. I cannot stress how important this is.

It’s called the “Skip Ahead” feature and it may supplant sliced bread as the greatest thing ever. Using it, you can skip to the either the next possesion, the next quarter or the end of the game. EA calls it the Super Sim feature. Sounds awesome. I call it the “What took you so fricken long feature?” We have been clamoring for this feature for years and they’re finally getting around to putting it into the game. It’s about time.

But it gets even better. You can watch the simulation “real time” and jump in and take over the play calling at any point. You can even resume playing (from what I can tell) at any time during the simulation. This is most excellent.

It simply cements further my belief that EA has a laundry list of “features” that they could put into the game, and they spin the wheel and add a few new features each year, stringing us along every year while we lap up the newest greatest thing. It’s frustrating to be sure, but what can you do?

I skipped out on NCAA 2007 but I’m not skipping out on 2008.


  1. Dark Reyule says

    Gotta love EA, rehash after rehash has finally caught up with them. I’m STILL waiting for them to allow us to save mid-game, something NFL FEVER 2001 did. 2001!!!

    Gobble up to NFL license instead of competing with the superior (and more affordable) NFL 2K5, laziness is an EA hallmark.

    Still, I’ll probbly end up getting this b/c EA has left me no choice as a consumer, but I shant be getting Madden, ALL-PRO FOOTBAL 2K8 for me!

  2. DR – I want mid-game saves, no doubt, but the sim-to-the-end is as close as well get, I imagine.

    And yes APFB is looking very interesting.


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