Back in the Saddle Again

I have a confession. Being the resident Sony expert it might be surprising to note that my only Sony experience in the last two years has only been with a PSP. Even that has been sketchy at best. Let me give you some history.

When the PSP came out I was pretty excited. I traded in my PS2 and entire collection of twenty games. I walked out with a PSP, two games, and a case. Looking back, it was a horrible trade. After about six months of Lumines, I traded that back in and received my first Xbox (one of six! – that’s for another story) and a couple of games. I was Sony dry for almost a year.

Enter late Summer of 2006, and I get a call from Visa. I have a Sony credit card, and I need to use my reward points in 24 hours or I lose them. I pick back up a PSP and five games. Nine months later, it’s still a little sketchy with the PSP. However, it appears to be picking up a little in that department.

My dilemma is that I cannot really post much review info about Sony’s bread and butter, the PS2, with any sort of integrity or legitmacy. I could use a PS2. And then came the windfall.

I have to run a video game tournament for teens in October and one of the needs is a PS2. I’ve been graced with a budget of $200. I figure I could get a system and four $20 Greatest Hits games. Here’s where you come in. What games should I get? A couple of caveats:

  • the games need to be $20 or less
  • they can only be released in the last two years
  • no sports (to dated) and no games that require peripherals
  • no games I can get realtively easy on other systems

What four games would you recommend? List them in the comments.


  1. Dark Reyule says

    Not sure what kind of tourney you’re doing but I’d say whichever Socom that meets your specifications. I has a PS2 forever are rarely ever used it but Socom (II) will always be one of my faves. Not sure about the other ones, it seems most good PS games are all single-player (Kingdom Hearts, God of War).

  2. One big important thing I forgot. The games are to be provided for the tournament. The four games would be personally for me.

  3. flamingsquirrel says

    If the games are for you, what’s with all the requirements?
    w/e, anyway, I can’t really help you, I never had a PS2.

  4. @flamingsquirrel

    Personal preference mainly. Also, I’d like to only cover what I’ve missed the last two years. As far as the price, I want to get more bang for my buck.

    I believe I will add Shadow of the Colossus so that only leaves me with three, but I’ll take whatever is recommended.

  5. Dark Reyule says

    In that case God of War and God of War II, I have never played either but everything I had ever read/heard/seen of these titles have been legendary.

  6. Long before Guitar Hero, there was Amplitude and Frequency. I’d recommend the older Frequency, if only for the less-mainstream but far more interesting soundtrack. Both should be found for rather cheap.

    And as a bonus, they make for great multiplayer games.

  7. @n0wak

    That is not the first time some one has recommended those two games to me.

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