Diamond in the rough

Pokemon DiamondThe one game I’ve been playing consistently for the past month or so has been Pokemon Diamond. I have been trying to put in words what it is about this game that keeps me coming back, but I just read what peterb had to say about it and figured he said it better than what I could. Go read it.

I just checked my save game stats, and I’ve already put in north of 25 hours of gameplay. Thing is, this has come in bite-size chunks. I don’t sit down and play Pokemon for long stretches of time but I still seem to have logged quite a bit of time already. Most of my Pokemon are in the 20-25 level range and I can’t fall asleep until I’ve leveled at least one of them.

I haven’t even touched the WiFi portion of the game, but that’s on tap. I’d really like to battle with some buttonmashers, so level up your Pokemons and get ready! I won’t have time to get online until sometime next week, but when I do — look out for my Monferno and my Luxio. They both pack quite the punch.


  1. Brilliant. I’m just shy under 20 hours.

    …and that’s even with the Pearl edition.

  2. I’ve decided to keep the copy of Pearl I rented. My measure for stat based games like this is that if I feel the need to start over at least three times, they’re worth keeping.

    So, I’m on my third start and I’m satisfied with my strategy so far. At just under 7 hours, I’m not in my 20s yet but I’ll let you know when I get there.

    I did find a gold Geodude, which caught me by surprise!

  3. Nat – I just hit 30 hours. I can’t put it down!

    Corvus – a gold Geodude?! That’s awesome, haven’t seen one of those yet. I wonder if that’s a Pearl exclusive?

  4. It might be. I haven’t found any references to it or what benefit it provides (besides bragging rights, or course).

    I’ve got some level 20+ critters now, incidentally. This weekend is going to be a bit busy, but I could probably squeeze in a match. I’ll flip you my code some time this evening.

  5. Count me in, guys. Remind me to get my friend code to you via some non-public channel.

  6. @Corvus & peterb – I wasn’t able to get on WiFi this weekend, but I’m planning on giving it a go this week. We should have a set date for some Pokemon battles. “Pokemon Wednesday” or something. I’ll put up a post with my friend code and we can work out getting everyone else’s shared somewhere.

    Looking forward to it.

  7. Kruk (my Infernape) and Foosa (my Gyarados) are looking forward to it!

  8. I found a gold geodude on Pokémon Leaf green.

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