Let me show you my Pokemans!

(That was lame. Sorry about that.) I am getting everything set up with my router so I can do some Pokemon WiFi. I won’t be able to jump on until the kids are tucked in bed (they always want to see my Pokemans. [SORRY!]) but here’s my friend code:

3308 1742 3208

You can add yours in the comments or send me an email through the contact form or hit me up on Yahoo IM (screen name: cholo_75).

I’ll be back soon to get some codes and get in on some Pokemon battles.


  1. Would you believe that I restarted yesterday? I had seven of eight gym badges, my flamin’ monkey was closing in on 50 and I suddenly decided I had a flaw in my strategy.

    I’ll be back up to snuff soon. Honest!

  2. Corvus – Wow! I was a little nervous when you said your Infernape was ready to go, but I had now idea he was almost level 50! Yikes, I would have been wiped out!

    Have you been reading the Pokemon stuff they’re linking to over at Penny-Arcade? It’s got me seriously doubting my own Pokemon party!

  3. I used that ExpShare Item to its fullest on the little fellow, let me tell you. I’ll be doing it again too, only with a bit more clarity from the start this time. I actually think the ExpShare is very over powered compared to the rest of the game and I’m surprised it works the way it does.

    Yeah, I’ve been reading the PA comments, which is one of the reasons I called it a spreadsheet application in my post today. Oddly, I find myself less potentially compulsive about the game knowing that it could become SUCH a granular math experience. I like some measure of that, but hidden character data elements of EVs and the impact Nature on their stats leaves me a bit cold.

    Anyway, my restart is more inspired by the fact that I leveled my core set of Pokes very unevenly and while each was a decent solo combatant, they weren’t a good team. I’m (hopefully) fixing that this time around.

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