Frustrations GALORE

Electronic Art’s EA Sports World site sucks. Plain and simple — it sucks. Don’t bother clicking that link, because IT WON’T FREAKING LOAD.

I have been trying, rather unsuccessfully for the past 24 hours, to log in to EA’s NCAA 08 community site so I can watch a highlight video I uploaded to the site last night. I just want to show it to a couple friends. It’s really no big thing, the video. Just the thought of sharing a short video clip from I game I had just played was very cool. I was super excited about showing it to the readers of my other site, too. They would appreciate it, as Buckeye fans, as it was an interception I made as Ohio State against Michigan, returning it for a touchdown. It was a thing of beauty. But I can’t show it to anyone because EA’s site is such garbage.

I imagine their servers are getting absolutely slammed right now, as NCAA is only a couple days old and everyone is excited about this new feature, but the fact that their site is completely inaccesible is just sad. They had to be expecting a huge response to these additions and added more servers to up their capacity. This isn’t even their flagship enterprise. Sure, there are a ton of NCAA fans, but there will be way more players playing Madden when it drops next month. If their servers are down now, they will literally discorporate when the hordes of Maddenites start punishing them. It’s going to be ugly.

How could they not be ready for this onslaught? I hope they get things working soon. Like by tomorrow, so I can show my friends my NCAA interception skills.


  1. What a good thing for Peter Moore to get to take care of.

    I agree. Heads are going to roll.

  2. Dark Reyule says

    This is the main reason why I dislike EA, they do not back their cash cows, they release them then take forever to patch them.

  3. Well the site loaded for me fine. As for them not supporting their cash cows you must ask yourself this. Other then Madden what would you consider their cash cows? Because even at EA Canada they worry only about world wide sales. Not North American sales.

  4. @Nat – I hope Moore advocates integrating EA’s titles into Xbox Live. The disconnect between the two is a pain.

    @DR – I guess it turns out that it was the data service that EA had used for their site that was toasted. Even so, they should have made sure it was reliable.

    @Tom – It did eventually load fine, but they needed to at least inform their users the problems at hand.

  5. Dark Reyule says

    I’m referring to EA in general, not just EA Sports. They did this with Timespitters and Battlefield 2.

    EA is so out of touch with what the consumers want, why doyou think they churn out the same sports games year after year after year?

    Look at Medal of Honor:Airborne, the game has 1/2 the features they announced in 2005. The company needs to stop being so damn greedy, quit snatching up smaller independent companies and exclusive sports licenes and instead focus on putting out a better product.

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