Baby Buttonmasher #3!

Our newest little buttomasher has arrived:

Baby Boy Rice

I don’t know if I ever actually mentioned that Mrs. Buttonmasher was expecting, but our little boy was born this morning! He doesn’t have a name yet, but he’s still cute as ever. Mom and son are doing great!

He’ll be mashing buttons in no time!


  1. Dark Reyule says

    Name, are you serious?

    Ummm. D O N!!!

    Congrats, what is that? Number 4? Jesus!

  2. Dark Reyule says

    OOPS Just saw the title, 3!

  3. Congratulations Tony!!

  4. Awww… Grats!

  5. Grats from Denmark… Keep it up and you’ll soon have you own soccer team πŸ™‚

  6. Very cute. Give him a cool name. πŸ™‚

  7. flamingsquirrel says

    ya know what’s a good name? Eric!
    I know it’s a good name, because I use it all the time! Probably because it’s my name…

    I don’t care what you name him, as long as it’s not “kal-el” (I’m looking at YOU Nicholas Cage)

  8. He looks like a ButtonMasher to me.
    (Kind of a nube but he’ll grow.)

    Congrats to you and Mrs ButtonMasher.

  9. Thanks for all the well wishes.

    We finally came up with a name — Ethan Miles.

  10. Congrats! Ethan is a good strong name.

  11. Congratulations! Soon, you’ll have your own power-leveling army in house. Hopefully you’ll offer reduced rates to your blogging buddies.

  12. Ethan is a lovely name. Aww.

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