Xbox 360 price drop!

Major Nelson (and the rest of the free blogging world) is discussing the price drop across all the Xbox 360 models. Throw in the 3-year warranty and you’ve got a pretty good looking deal.

For people on the fence, the 50-dollar drop of the Premium 360 should be very tempting. Even with the horrific failure rates, you’ve got three years of protection and a fall lineup that is absolutely loaded. If you’ve been considering the 360, consider no more. Go forth (on August 8th) and purchase.


  1. flamingsquirrel says

    *heavy breathing*
    !$78#^&$! *@#&$*(#&~! WHY THE $#@*$&ING 3467!!!
    *calms down*
    I just spent all my saved $$ on buying a DS lite + games etc.
    *&%^ING $&(*&!

  2. @FS – as sweet as the 360 is, the DS Lite + games is just as good of an investment.

  3. @FS I second Tony’s opinion. I keep mooching off other people’s 360s, and there’s something about the DS Lite that’s just really sexy.

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