Bioshock on sale

I was just perusing the Sunday ads and noticed that Circuit City will be selling Bioshock for $49.99 (10$ off). Even though I haven’t played the demo and am packaging up my dead Xbox 360 as we speak, I will still be picking this up (I’ll be playing it on a borrowed 360).

I think it’s safe to recommend this game to everyone who loves videogames.


  1. flamingsquirrel says

    I hope my PC can handle it…

  2. I pre-bought it on Steam for $49.99.

    But that is one of the (many) benefits of buying a game for PC instead of the console (permanent $10 discount!)

  3. @FS – Good luck with that. It seems like Bioshock would need a killer of a machine.

    @JP – I thought games were full price on Steam? They always have a discount? That would be nice.

  4. Sigh. Systems still packed up. Gonna have to pass on this.

    Too bad. Cancelled gamefly as well (of course, it would be years before it would show up.)

  5. You’ll have to get that 360 unpacked ASAP! Forget essentials like bath towels and kid’s clothes — unbox that Xbox right away!

    I’m thinking of trying Gamefly. Would you not recommend it?

  6. Maybe I’ll get the PC version seeing as I have loaned my 360 to someone.

  7. @Bobster – You’ll be the first in line to borrow my copy. You’ll just have to wait for your box to be returned after mine is properly repaired.

  8. @Tony – well it’s not so much a $10 discount as that PC games retail for $10 less than their console equivalents. So Steam offers it for full retail (which happens to be $50).

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