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BioshockI won’t get around to playing this until the little mashers are tucked in bed, but I’m pretty stoked about how I got it for a killer price. You can read the details of what happened in this CAG forum post, but the gist of it is I had to go to Wal-mart since Circuit City had sold out. The CC ad had two prices, one for the 360 version of the game and one was for the PC version, which is ten dollars cheaper. I walked out of Wal-mart with Bioshock costing me $39.99. Not too shabby.

Update: I played Bioshock way too late last night and all I can think about now is getting back to Rapture. Never mind I have a conference tomorrow at 7:00AM! I can survive on four hours of sleep!

So Bioshock, native wide screen or not, is an amazing game thus far. My brother in law was in town last night, so I had a partner in crime for the first few hours in Rapture. Playing with others watching is always more fun. Visually, it’s stunning. The atmosphere feels perfect. The whole steam punk/dystopia motif works very well. Sounds and voices are equally up to the task. So far, so good.

I never really get into the “Are games Art?” debate because I don’t feel anywhere near qualified to say anything of value. But a lot has been made of Bioshock and the choices you’re presented with as a way to evoke emotion. I didn’t think much of it until I was actually presented with the “choice.” For those of you who have played it, you know which one I mean. What did you think of it? It actually made me pause to consider what path I should follow. For a brief moment it stopped being a fun game. That hardly ever happens to me.

So in short, Bioshock (moral choices or not) is a great ride so far. I hope to get a few more hours in tonight.


  1. flamingsquirrel says

    no 360.
    PC wont run Bioshock demo.
    I’m .4 ghz below minimum proccesor speed, and I only have an NVIDIA Geforce FX 5500.

  2. @flamingsquirrel yeah, BioShock is a system-crusher, that’s for damn sure. It’ll run fine on my rig if I cut back on the resloution, but if I try to crank the settings I run into problems, and I’m sporting a dual-core 2.4 (although my graphics card could use an upgrade)

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