Joining the Party

Halo 3 (spending shells)I mentioned last week that I wouldn’t be hopping on the bandwagon with the rest of the game playing world (correction: North American game playing world). In a moment of weakness, I’ve proven myself wrong.

I kept forgetting that I had this $50 Best Buy gift card burning a hole in my pocket. Well, I did set a record of hoarding it for almost two months and that’s only because I detest Best Buy. A need arose for me to pick up a TOS link cable (and I didn’t because Wal-Mart is much cheaper), and I got Halo 3 instead. Oh, and did I fail to mention that it was three days after launch and I didn’t have to wait in line?

If you look at my Bungie stats, you’ll see that I’ve played less than ten games. Every one of them has been a blast. I was even able to hook up with Tony and another online friend for a couple of hours of co-op.

Oh, and why would I have only played less than ten games? That’s because I did a massive game trade-in at my local Gamestop and got Stuntman: Ignition. It may sound weird to the average gamer right now, but I’ve had more fun with that game.

You can start breathing now.


  1. Glad to have you in Halo 3-dom. It was a riot co-op’ing over live. I’ve already recruited a few more people to join the party, so we should definitely get some more H3 Live action in!

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