Achieving Satisfaction

As anyone who’s been in a “Lone Wolf” Free For All match in Halo 3, you’ll know that a lot of players would like your assistance in getting a few of the tougher achievements that can only be earned in ranked FFA matches. BS Angel talked about this earlier. I’ve been spending the majority of my Halo 3 time in Lone Wolf matches, so I’ve been hearing this a lot.

I usually ignore the pleas to help out. “I’ll get in the Ghost, then you hijack me, then I’ll hijack you, then you hijack me back.” This was an actual conversation I heard as a game was loading. More often than not, I’ll head to wherever these guys are and mess with them. Then I’ll leave them to their business. Sure, I want the achievements, but I want to earn them, man!

One of these achievements is called “Two for One”:

Two for One

Recently, I was in a Lone Wolf match on Snowbound. It wasn’t a Slayer match, however, it was Oddball. I snatched the Spartan Laser and started chasing after a guy, training the laser on him the whole chasethe whole time, trying to time his movements to the charging laser. As luck would have it, another bad guy (with the skull, no less) came in the other direction. I charged the laser, blasted at guy #1 one and the nudged the laser ever so slightly and caught the other guy. Two for one, baby!

Here’s an in-game screenshot:

Two for One

Not the best shot, but you can see my name there in the background, in the little tunnel there, with the laser blasting the Ghost and the two bad guys as I earn my achievement the hard way. That was most satisfying.


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