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Amazon Sale

I’m not trying to turn this site into “’s Video Game Central” or anything like that, but this is too important not to pass on. You may have seen elsewhere, but loyal reader Flamingsquirrel alerted me about it long before it showed up anywhere else, and I wanted to share this with you. Just like they did with the release of the Wii and the 100 dollar Xbox 360 last year, Amazon is making some killer deals available on video game consoles:

Killer Deals

Eighty bucks for a Wii, 100 for a 360 and 140 bucks for a PS3! That’s insane. Here’s how it works: Go to Amazon’s Customer Votes Page You’re presented with 3 choices for each day of the promotion. Each of the three items is deeply discounted and making the choice is like picking a favorite child. It just isn’t fair. You vote on which deal you want in on, and if you’re selected, you get a chance to purchase the item you choose on the specified date. My first vote was for a PS3. A PS3 for 140 ducets would be the greatest deal of all time. (It wouldn’t hurt if I could get Mrs. Buttonmasher a Kitchen-Aid or those diamond earrings, but I’m secretly hoping for the PS3)

So good luck if you decide to try this out. And if you’re a lucky one, you must let me know! I’m a little nervous I’ve used up all my luck, because back when they offered a Wii to a thousand lucky customers, I was actually chosen to buy one but didn’t have access to my email account and didn’t find out until it was too late. I still curse the day that happened!


  1. Punky Brewster says

    Thanks, Mr. Buttonmasher! I voted for the Wii and the Samsung tv. I’ll keep you posted. I hope Mrs. Buttonmasher gets the earrings and the mixer! Here’s hoping I remember to check Amazon while the turkey’s in the oven!

  2. @PB – Did you get lucky on any of your choices?

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