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I was contacted by BS Angel earlier about joining in a sort of blog discussion group, something along the lines of the Carnival of Gamers and The Blogs of the Round Table. Since I’m all for blog interaction and finding new blogs to read, so I agreed to join in. I wanted to write a post to participate in this month’s “Banter” but just didn’t have a chance to get one together. Nevertheless, I thought I’d post the entries for this month’s topic. I also see this as a “passing of the baton” in terms of the Carnival. Interest has waned a bit with the Carnival and I just don’t have time to keep it going. So I think the Carnival will be going into retirement and I’ll be joining in with the participants of the Blog Banter down the road. Here’s a little blurb about it:

Blog Banter is a group of bloggers passionate about video games. We enjoy getting together once a month to write about the same subject. You will be amazed at the different viewpoints so many people can have on the same exact topic. If you are interested in participating, contact bs angel for more information. Enjoy our stories!

Blog Banter Articles :
Boffman22’s Memorable Gaming Moments (Boom Stick Brigade)
I love you Intellivision! (Boom Stick Brigade)
Just how much fun LAN can be! (Cat’s Blog)
Memoirs of a Young Gamer (Gaming with Baby)
Memorable Gaming Moments (Hawty McBloggy)
To Memory Lane and Back (Play Your Station)
Hit the Reset Button (Thoughts and Rants)
Memorable Gaming Moments (Zath Games Tech)
Becoming an Ace and Dealing With Minsc (Delayed Responsibility)
Old School, Middle School, New School (


  1. Why thank you for the link love. 🙂

  2. Your Carnival of Gamers started it. Thanks.

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