Do you think you can get to level 10?

If lines like this make you want to rip your hair out, don’t watch the clip below:

“Detective, I’m 30 years old, I live with my mother, and I have a Captain Kirk costume in my closet.

Please, TV writers et al, stop doing this. You’re embarrassing yourselves.

(hat tip to my buddy Flamingsquirrel)


  1. flamingsquirrel says

    This wouldn’t be so bad, if they didn’t have to play the game to get that footage, so they KNOW the game isn’t really like that! Then they edit on crap like “you win, advance to level 3” on top it of it.

    Then the girl who can PLAY GAMES WITHOUT A CONTROLLER. Yeah. They bring her in all slow and dramatic..

    I mean, you would think the TV writers should be ashamed, but non gamers watching this won’t know any better. If you showed that to my Sister of grandpa, they’d have no idea how wrong it is.

    Also, how come when you get to level 10, the Xbox boots to windows? <_<

    I also hate how the actors jam on button like mad when “playing” Games are so much more than that now. Even Halo 3 is more than that, but still games are painted in such a untrue/bad light.

  2. Wha… what the hell was that garbage? And here I thought the Second Life episode of CSI was bad… That was emmy worthy compared to this tripe.

  3. …Wow… up until now, I was on the side of the writers in the strike.

  4. That clip taught me all I need to know to get to level 10! Now I don’t need to buy the walk through book.

  5. Dark Reyule says

    That felt like a lame Rocky training montage sans the bad 80’s pump-you-up music.

    For my money I’ll take the scene where this happens in Cloak and Dagger!

  6. @George – I didn’t see the CSI episode. Was that the one with the guy yelling to “LOG OFF!”?

    @Bobster – Yeah, but all you get at level 10 are spreadsheets. How will the walkthrough help you with that?

    @DR – What scene are you referring to in C&D?

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