November in Review

I just started this “Month in Review” recurring post last month and I’m already posting them late. Procrastination has taken yet another victim.

With the Thanksgiving holiday and an unfortunate and violent encounter with my fist and the floor, November was fairly slow. While I was able to post a little more than October, we only had 23 posts this month. Not making excuses, but it is hard to type with a big splint wrapped around one of your hands.

Since my hand was broken, I did hardly any gaming. I played a little Pokemon on the DS and some old-school Tetris on my GBA-SP (the kids love to see the rocket take off when you score 100k+ in a game). The majority of my gaming took place over at where I spent an unhealthy amount of time playing Onslaught2. Nat and I have been discussing how much we like that site. Maybe we’ll put up a post about it one of these days.

Nat got in more gaming than I did, playing Assassin’s Creed among other games. He also put up a great review of Stuntman Ignition for the 360.

So what posts got the most traffic this month? There wasn’t much change for the top posts from last month. Lots of people are still looking for Dead Rising’s Infinite Mode, MMORPG sports, Resident Evil 4 Translations and Halo 3 stats. So here’s a list of the top three posts for November:

3. November Releases
2. Broken Hand Update
1. Yeewouch

The broken hand heard around the bloggameosphere.

As always, people arrived here by way of some odd search terms. A few:

“is 9.68 more than 9.6?” – I weep for the current state of the American Schooling.

“button mashing is awesome” – I was thinking the same thing!

“bullet spam” – Some one must have been watching me play Halo 3!

“2007 orthopedic gadgets” – I break one bone and all of a sudden I’m a orthopedic gadget expert? I hope this person found what he was looking for, but I doubt it.

“bungie how come my stats don’t upload” – First of all, I’m Tony. Second, I have no idea. Try asking here.

“i’m very popular in the mmorpg community” – I’m not touching this one.

That’s November. So what about December? I’d really like to continue to increase my posting frequency. There is always something fun to talk about. I’m very much looking forward to the snow, the holidays (along with a nice long vacation to get some gaming in) and seeing family and friends. Hopefully I’ve been a good boy and Santa has a Wii for me somewhere in his bag of goodies.


  1. Hand hurts. Instant cure.
    Cancer Cure. Bigger heart. (Sorry Bobster, had to edit your comment. Hope you understand -Tony)

    This will bring a ton of hits.

  2. I like to mash potatoes. (sorry Nat, you and Bobster were bringing the undesirables around these parts. -Tony) 🙂

    Actually, I’m surprised at what are the most popular. I’m also surprised to see the RE4 Spanish post come up from time to time.

  3. You guys are killing me! Google is going to send me all the weirdos.


  1. […] had a good chuckle at Buttonmashing’s Tony’s appraisal of weird search strings that lead people to his site. So thanks to those wonderful geniuses at Google, here’s a nice […]

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