To Burnout or not to

I haven’t downloaded the Burnout Paradise demo yet (Mass Effect is too good, must not neglect it for some little demo), but two separate posts showed up today in my feeds that are conflicting, to say the least. I’m a huge Burnout fan (have been since I played the heck out of Burnout 2 on the Gamecube and haven’t missed one since). I have been looking forward to the newest iteration of the series. The newest addition is an “open world” type of racing game. The 1UP Yours guys love it. So does N’Gai

Matt Brett, not so much.

Have you given the demo a try yet? What do you think? Me, I’m going to play some Mass Effect. I’ll give the demo a try in a couple weeks!

Burnout Paradise



  1. It’s freakin’ awesome, period. Make sure you spend some time playing online with friends. I fooled around crashing into one of my buddies for over an hour tonight.

  2. flamingsquirrel says

    I just got Burnout 3 on my Xbox. It’s pretty freakin awesome.

    Next Gen burnout… *drool*
    Wait, that’s current gen. Oh well, the only “Next Gen” system I have is the Wii, and it’s HARDLY next gen. I mean, the IR control is awesome, but the motion controls are terrible, Devs are having a really hard time using them, at least that’s what they claim. I mean, they work for flicking and stuff. Like in metroid where you flick the nunchuck to use the grapple, that works well, or the finishing moves in No More Heroes (I have the JAP import, you can envy me now) those are TONS of fun. But anything more complicated doesn’t work that well. And FPSs. Gawd. They all suck. I mean, Metroid got it right, but for a action oriented game, I would much rather play with Dual thumbsticks.

    Microsoft’s next console should be the power of the PS3, online of the 360, with IR from the Wii, but with Dual analog controls.

    Nintendo wouldn’t be able to do anything like that, because they’re so damn set on getting “non gamers” Sony sucks too much at getting online to work, not to mentoin getting good games on their system. Microsoft has good games, and the best console online experiance.

  3. I have about 10% left on the download.

    Soon, I’ll be in Paradise.

  4. I enjoyed playing Paradise very much. It is quite a bit different than all the other Burnouts of the past, but as a Burnout fan, I’ve gotten used to the fact that Criterion changes this game every time a new version comes out.

    If the open world style of NFS:Most Wanted and Test Drive Unlimited were enjoyable to you, then I imagine that you’ll dig this game.

    I managed to tear myself away from Mass Effect and Mario Galaxy long enough to play it, and I’m glad I did.

  5. Awesome.

    I just started my “2008 Must Buy” list.

  6. Alright, I guess I have to go download the demo now.

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