Making the PSP Better

While checking my daily online gaming news with attitude, I came across an interesting announcement made by Sony at this year’s CES: download movie to your PSP using a PS3 and Blu-ray discs. With the advent of Warner Brothers moving exclusively to Blu-ray (bummer, I just bought an HD-DVD player) and this new download ability, Sony seems to be making some right moves for a change. However, could this mean that Sony is looking at the UMD format as a failure?

Predictions (or what Sony should do):

  1. Redesign the PSP once again and remove the UMD all together, and release games on memory sticks. The memory stick could even be used to save game progress. Sell the PSP at the Nintendo DS price point.
  2. Not charge for this service of copying Blu-ray to PSP (some how I think there’s going to be a money making scheme somewhere).
  3. Release more PSOne games on the PlayStation Network – two a week. (Beats is fun for $5, but it’s pretty much all there is.)

If #1 became a possibility, I’d be all over it like ugly on an ape.

If you want to already copy movies to your PSP (or any device for that matter), check out Handbrake.


  1. If #1 happens, I’m buying 3 of them. As it stands, I still want one. Just can’t bring myself to take the plunge yet.

  2. I think that Sony should have ripped out all of media features of the PSP on the last revision or even offer two versions of the console. It would have definetly increased the appeal of the console.

    All of your suggestions are good ones. Although changing to memory sticks is pretty risky In my opinion.

    They shoud also secure more quality 3rd party content as they are on a good roll with software ATM.


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