January Cabin Fever

I’ll never buy a PC game again.

The following quote was from a Google Talk chat that I had with Tony a couple of weeks ago. I guess it was a lie. I don’t know what it is about January, but I always become weak this time of year for PC games. It’s like I have to catch up for the year before. Many times I’ll purchase a game in January and not play it until late December or early January (Hello, Civilization IV this year!).

I guess this year was no exception. This silly trend of mine started almost four or five years ago with Far Cry. Then it was Unreal Tournament 2004 (loved it!), Galactic Civilizations (learn..ing curve!), Guild Wars (2500+ hours!), Command and Conquer 3 (meh to good), Galactic Civilizations II (strategy perfection), and Civilization IV. In the last week, I’ve purchased four titles that I’ve had in the back of my mind to play: Unreal Anthology, Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends, World in Conflict, and Rail Simulator.

The Unreal package is kind of a weird misnomer this year. When we moved this last August, we ended up losing one box, just one. This was a box that had some computer games in it. Of course, they were some of the games I played once in a while. The anthology replaces some of those games.

I don’t know where this weakness comes from. I think it has to do with a man needing to have a cave. Our consoles are out in the open in the living room, but the PC pretty much has a room to itself. I find it enjoyable and comforting to go in there from time to time and just veg on a good game. It might even be to that I’m coming down of the holiday high and I want to replace that with something different. RTS usually seems to be the preferred flavor, but I may go all out crazy on some action as well.

I’m wondering if I am alone in this? Do any of you guys have a weakness when it comes to games, console or PC? Do you have a cave as well?


  1. I used to have a cave in our condo, but we moved the office up to the loft when we moved into the new house. I need me a cave!

  2. I’m a sucker for adventure games and winter (Jan-March) seems like it’s always rife with a few great adventure games. Last year I had the excellent Hotel Dusk to keep me busy and this year I’ll have Apollo Justice, Harvey Birdman and Professor Layton around to keep me company. I guess these are released this time of year as they’d just get lost in the flood prior to Christmas.

    I caved and bought Fairway Solitaire yesterday after reading yet another glowing post about it on Dubious Quality. I’d tried it out over Christmas and loved it but resisted… until I fired it back up again yesterday and realized I didn’t want it to end after just an hour.

    As addictive as Picross? Almost.

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