Donít buy the Xbox 360.

Itís noisy and it breaks.

Apple versus Microsoft. Support versus frustration. Two enter, one leaves.


  1. I understand his frustration, but Peter Moore is not going to help him. He’s with EA now.

    Besides, did Microsoft change their support practices? This all seems new to me (unless he’s in another country).

  2. It’s not an apples to apples comparison though. I agree that the failure rate of the 360 is unacceptable (and 16.4% seems low in reality) but comparing the support process to a 360 to an iPod or Powerbook firewire doesn’t seem correct. What would support be like for a Wii or a PS3? That’s the real question.

  3. A friend/co-worker I know had his Wii die on him. It just stopped reading discs one day, had problems getting to channels, etc. He said Nintendo’s support was excellent. Basically a phone call, a return number and he was up in running about a week later.

    I don’t recall if they swapped out all of his saved games, etc.

  4. @Nat – Yeah, Moore is no longer with Microsoft. I’m embarrassed I didn’t catch that. And the author is in another country. Denmark, I think.

    @Jason – I think he’s comparing overall service experiences, regardless of a product. They’re both pieces of consumer electronics, even if one plays music and the other one overheats.

    @Josh – That’s good to hear that Nintendo is good about service. My youngest has taken a liking to our sensor bar (as in he likes to put it in his mouth). I fear for it.

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