May in Review

I started doing these “in Review” posts a while back, then got lazy and never got back to them. I’m picking up as if I never stopped, so here’s a look back at May here at

May’s posting was (at least for me) adversely affected by the release of GTA IV. When it came down to either blog or GTA, GTA won out most of the time, resulting in a paltry 18 posts. Pretty weak-sauce.

Top posts

As usual, people are still searching for Resident Evil 4 translations, Halo 3 stats and MMO Sports games, so we’ll skip over those posts. The top three most popular recent posts were:

1. A Reason for All the Perfect Scores?
2. Why I Am Not Playing GTAIV
3. Pic Lens

GTA and pictures. That about sums up things recently around these parts!

Strange Searches

Of course, I would be remiss to not mention a few of the funny and sometimes troubling search terms that brought people to our humble site:

“how many video games do you finish each month” – Not as many as I’d like.

“eve is boring” – I get this one a lot more than you’d think. Ya, EVE Online isn’t for everyone, but maybe calling it boring is being a little harsh. Then again, mining asteroids can get tedious quickly.

“tales of symphonia tickling” – “Tickling” comes up quite a bit in searches (thanks, Nat) but this one takes the bizzaro cake for this month.

“adult games to play while travelling” – If you’re married, your options are severely limited.

“i want to trade my dirt bike for world of warcraft character” – That character better have some sweet gear.

“irony of agent toht reading life magazine” – That is something I had not thought about before. (For background, I use a picture of Toht (the scary dude from Raiders of the Lost Ark) for one of my posts)

I could go on, but I won’t bore.

Games being played

This list is actually pretty short. The month of May was spent mostly playing one of three games. What get to play comes down to one question. Are the kids up? If yes, then I’m playing Super Mario Galaxy (unless they ask for Mario Kart Wii). If no, then it’s GTA IV.

I’m working on posts for all three of these games, but they are both most excellent.

I’ll let Nat fill us in what games took up his month of May.

I also spent a large portion in May really getting hooked on Twitter. I don’t really know why or what it is, but I get the shakes when Twitter is down (which is quite often). The honeymoon seems to be over, but I still find myself there quite a bit.

I’m not really sure what June will bring (other than another year of blogging). At the very least, I’ll be finishing GTA IV. Who knows what happens after that.


  1. I’m with you on the GTAIV addict train. This is probably the first GTA game that I’ve played this long without getting bored and finding some other game to work on.

    That said, I’m starting to feel a bit of the burnout settling in. I’ve done most of the side mission achievement things now and I think it’ll be a matter of just sitting down and working on the missions and finishing up the game. The fact that I just got a PS3 and now have something new and novel to draw my attention away from GTA IV isn’t helping.

    That said, GTA IV DID help me keep my wallet away from teh game store for most of May. I did buy a few downloadable games here and there over the month but only one or two ‘real’ games. Let’s hope that I can do the same for this month.

    Of course, I already broke my rule by snagging Ratchet & Clank and Folklore for my PS3 instead of renting them, but those are the two games of the 4-5 exclusives worth playing that are actually longer than 7 hours, so I don’t mind buying them. Uncharted and Heavenly Sword will be renters, for sure.

  2. @Brock – Burnout is definitely setting in for me, too. I’m seeing little nit-picky things that didn’t bother me before but now are starting to get to me. I think I’m making pretty progress, so I hope to wrap things up fairly soon.

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