Easter Egg in Google Reader

Not sure if this is old or not, but it’s new to me. If you use Google Reader (presumably, you’re reading this right now from GR) there’s a nice little easter egg hidden in the keyboard shortcuts of Google Reader, aka the Konami Code.

You know the drill: U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, B, A. Voila!

(from googlediscovery.com)

[Yes, I’m bored]


  1. flamingsquirrel says

    actually, I DID read that in GR. Not a very interesting easter egg though

  2. What am I looking for? Nothing happens.

  3. @fs – Yeah, it was more about the novelty than anything else.

    @Nat – your side bar should get a new “look” after you enter the code. I think you have to use the arrow keys, not the letters.

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