[2 Minute Review] Trials 2:Second Edition

Are a simplistic physics engine, simplistic controls, and impressive visuals enough to make a great game?

Yes, yes, and yes. Read on.

DO: You control a bike rider in a straight line in a warehouse full of ramps, jumps, and other obstacles. The catch: the way you lean forward and back on the bike. There are timed modes and stunt modes. Uses a keyboard or gamepad.

TYPE: Casual (that can be played for hours or as little as 30 seconds)

PLATFORM: Digital download online or via Steam

PRICE: $9.99, FREE Demo

PERKS: Leaderboards; achievements (Steam); team play; download-able content; video editor; price +

VERDICT: Buy. Own it on Steam.

I am feeling generous, and to celebrate our first 2 Minute Review I’ll be gifting one copy of this game via Steam. All you have to do is post your Steam ID in the comments and leave us some feedback on the review (like the idea? thoughts?). Drawing closes a week from posting.


  1. I LIKE IT!

    Now gimme 🙂

    Hopefully this will give you an incentive to finish off some of those games in your backlog.

    And my steam ID is Guboo

  2. flamingsquirrel says

    Nice review, looking forward to more.
    I don’t have a steam ID though, looks like someone else gets it

  3. I think I tried a Flash version of this once. Maybe I downloaded it. Either way, it was very addicting.

    I may just sign up for Steam to get in on the give-away. 🙂

  4. @Brock …and I am the guy who was trying to complete them all.

    @Tony I believe that the first version was a Flash game.


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