Camp Fatal1ty!

Do you know who Fatal1ty is? If not, read up here before continuing.

Now, if the first thing you thought, after reading the Wikipedia article linked above, was “I sure wish I could take lessons from someone like that,” then you are IN LUCK. (If you thought, “man, he sure uses a lot of commas,” welcome to the Club)

For a mere $3500, you can go to Camp Fatal1ty and learn things such as “Unreal Tournament tactics and strategies developed by Fatal1ty and other professional gamers.” Then you can go swimming at the lake and learn life lessons around the campfire. (Okay, I added that last part). Something about summer camps for video games rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s the Boy Scout in me, but summer camp was for building fires and sleeping under the stars. Not learning how to play Unreal Tournament and making machinima.

But I guess I can’t knock these guys for trying something new. In fact, I would imagine the 13 year-old me would totally love to go to a camp like this. Maybe they’re on to something!

Camp I ain’t Yer Pa isn’t far behind!

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